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  1. Thanks, I figured I'd see how I like the low beams and then move to the high beams. Right now the high beams appear to be fine
  2. Thanks, I had been looking at the Phillips crystal vision but decided on your suggestion.
  3. The headlights on my 2010 MKX are getting dimmer. I assume they are the original halogen bulbs which at 11yrs old would be getting dim. 1- Are these H11 bulbs for the low beams? 2- Has anyone swapped the original halogens for LEDs or Xenon bulbs?
  4. EJC

    Good ol' summer day

    Naw, I did the MKX a couple of weeks ago. Today I did the RC-F
  5. 2010 MKX The brake light has blown on my MKX. Does anyone have an LED replacement for the stock bulb?
  6. EJC

    Just bought the MKX

    Enjoy. I got my '10 a year and a half ago and it is still going strong. 145,000mi (I got it with 130K). It's a nice driver, very comfortable and the 6 keeps pulling
  7. I have a 2010 and replace my Sync 1 system with a Pioneer Android Auto flip screen front end - Pioneer AVH3400NEX. I've been very happy with it especially the Android Auto. I don't know if this is possible on a '16 since these cars now integrate functions increasingly into the audio/control screen However, before you spend anything, check to see if there is an equalizer built into the system that can be adjusted
  8. I was able to find the codes after some web searches. Dealer has the car and we're awaiting parts
  9. My VSC (vehicle stability control) light has come on and is stating on. It had been intermittent for a while and the dealer couldn't get approval for the repair if the light wasn't on. Now the light is on and remaining on. I dropped the car off, the dealer had it for 3 days but did nothing. Finally they got the codes, but wouldn't tell me what the issue was. Can anyone tell me what the codes mean? Final response was set up an appointment, 1st available is in Dec C1278-20 C1963-20 B2316-20 B2324-20 C1278-20 B1884-20 U0253-20 B1342-20 Thanks, any information would be appreciated
  10. just did a 120mi run and the VSC didn't come on. Stopped and when restarted about an hour later the light came on again. I'll take it in again when it's lit
  11. after reprogramming the VSC light was out for a while and then started coming back on a couple of days later. This lasted 3-4 days and the light has been out since. The car was back in the shop - no codes this time and sensors check normal. Road trip today, we'll see what happens over the next few days. I had the center stack apart over the weekend. I'm starting to wonder if there is a bad wire (that is now making contact) to the switch or an intermittent sensor.
  12. It has been an interesting month with the '10 MKX. I started out looking for a beater and ended up with a better car then I expected. 130K miles and the car still seems solid and smooth. The car was clean and the paint, carpet, leather all still looking good. I did the last mod today. The DASHCAM went in. I ended up installing it on the window after all and spliced into the same line I used for the passport. The semi-hard part was threading the power lead through the cable cover for the mirror wires so the job would look decent. The nature of the cable cover made it like working with a Chinese handcuff, but I got the wire threaded through. I stowed the power adaptor in the overhead which was easy to access since the light/eyeglass which just pops down. To recap the month: Radar detector hardwired into the mirror harness USB jack added to the dash, it turns out that I could have skipped this one Dash wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. This was a learning experience. I love the look as compared to the stock gray plastic. But I wasn't satisfied with the job I did. Backup camera and Pioneer AVH-3400NEX Android Auto receiver. - The car was screaming for a backup camera and I love it. It turned out that running the wires in the MKX from the license plate to the dash is a piece of cake. - The Pioneer is a major improvement over the stock radio and I love that the Android Auto everything at my fingertips. The menu system on the stock radio (also a Pioneer) sucked. The module for the steering wheel control had to be switched out but it is working now ( a couple of buttons need reprogramming) I re-did the vinyl wrap while the dash was apart for the radio - much better job this time The car is now set-up for the job I wanted it for, moving back and forth between CT and New Hampshire
  13. Not sure I'd agree. About 12yrs ago a root was thrown by one of their mowers on the side of the road and it dented the hood of my Lexus SC-430. They covered the repair which surprised me since I had not pulled over and filed a claim after the fact. I was not aware that a claim could be filed at that time.