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  1. deadhead5573

    2016-2018 MKX brake hose recall update.

    Dropping my 2016 MKX off in about 20 minutes to have the brake hoses replaced. I know the notice said it is about half a day's labor. I'm still trying to get a loaner out of my dealer. I hate waiting for hours on end. How much free coffee and donuts can one eat....
  2. deadhead5573

    Issues with 2016 MKX

    I purchased a 2016 MKX in April, 2018. A couple weeks after I had it, the headlight error message came on. The next night, it did not appear after being cleared by pressing the OK button and headlights were tracking as they should. Fast forward to November, 2018 the error came back again. Going to call the dealer and have them reprogram it. I already had it in the shop in May of this year as the battery was defective. They replaced the battery and I had a loaner for half a day.
  3. deadhead5573

    Check headlamp system

    Well the first time was in April 2018 just a couple weeks after I purchased the truck from the dealer. It gave me the error message again tonight and while the headlights turn on. They are no longer moving when the vehicle makes a turn. So I am making an appointment with the dealer sometime today. brian
  4. Have a 2016 MKX Premier with 22,000 miles on it. Was having an issue with Sync 3 not deleting a paired phone. So i did a master reset with the car running. Jump in the car the next morning and it will not start. Did not leave anything on and the key fob is far enough away from the vehicle as to not illuminate anything. I had to jump start it with a power pack and then i headed off to buy a battery charger. Charged it most of the day and then took it for a ride. Going gown the NJ turnpike the entire dashboard plus the sync screen went totally blank and then 15 seconds later restarted and that includes the initial start up chimes you hear as well. Any ideas what would be causing this? Or is this all in relation to a bad battery? thanks, brian
  5. deadhead5573

    Check headlamp system

    Just showed up on my 2/26/2016 build MKX. It only showed once and has not shown since then. Thanks for the TSB!