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  1. As luck would have it, I got an email today from the vendor about their Black Friday deal. Email brings price down to $99 from $160. Works great. Here’s link: https://cplay2air.com/products/cplaystreamer-wireless-adapter-for-factory-carplay-android-auto-module-and-mirror-link-feature?ml_subscriber=1563726667145286984&ml_subscriber_hash=p9o2
  2. If you’re interested, once you can get wired CarPlay to work, you can easily setup for wireless CarPlay. I bought an adapter that enables that functionality for my 2017 MKX and it works well. Can keep phone in pocket or bag without having to plug it in each time.
  3. RRivera

    Tires for 2017 MKX Reserve 265/40R21

    Second akirby’s comments. I run the original 20” Hankook all season tires spring through fall on my 2017 MKX, and swap them out for downsized winter tires and wheels (w TPMS) purchased from Tire Rack. Works great. When all seasons need to be replaced, will go with dedicated summer tires.
  4. RRivera

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Thank you Cosmos36.
  5. RRivera

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Glad it’s working for you! Slightly off topic, but saw this referenced earlier in this thread. Anyone have any ideas on how to more easily get at the rear negative battery terminal? Doesn’t seem easy to disconnect.
  6. RRivera

    2017 mkx wind noise

    FWIW, my noise abruptly stopped without intervention. Weird.
  7. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Noticed anything different? All I saw that was fixed was the Waze speed bug.
  8. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Funny thing is I saw this update show up when I pulled into my garage and it said it started to download the system update. So looked it up online two days ago and went to install it with a thumb drive when it showed that the vehicle had managed to update itself. Nice. So far, the only thing I've noticed that's different is that the Waze speed discrepancy bug has been fixed.
  9. RRivera

    2016 Lincoln MKX Stealth Edition

    Love it! Looks great.
  10. RRivera

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    What I would like to do is to do a frequency analysis or something of the sort to see what could explain the lack of clarity. Have wondered if the polarity of one of the speakers was reversed. Have listened on other Lincoln loaner vehicles, and TBH I wasn't impressed with them either. None were better than my wife's stock radio in her GMC Acadia.
  11. RRivera

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    I've had TWO separate Lincoln dealers look into this for me, as it's my biggest gripe with the car. Both dealers said it was operating normally. Sound is NOT up to the standard one would expect for a vehicle in this price range. My wife's GMC Acadia baseline audio system sounds better.
  12. I've had two separate dealers look into this for me, both with the same response- that it was operating normally. But I agree with you. The audio system is my biggest disappointment with the car.
  13. RRivera

    Gas gauge

    On my 2017, it goes to full right away. I shut car off while fueling. Not sure that matters though.
  14. RRivera

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    Nice job! If you get a chance would appreciate seeing more pics, and pity you didn’t have pics from before and during install to compare.
  15. RRivera

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    True, true! ; )
  16. RRivera

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    Quickly skimmed the links before. Will re-review and check with dealer next time I have my routine service. Though I suspect the dealer won't provide additional clarity- would believe that level of clarity would only come from an engineering team at Ford/Lincoln, esp since it seems to go counter to info printed in the manual.
  17. RRivera

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    Thank you. Would that battery disconnect switch interfere with the electronic functionality that maintains the car’s tranny in neutral? Ask because I read of other users (Ford I believe) who were in flat tow mode and unfortunately suffered major transmission damage. What ended up happening is that just before the battery died, the system (as a safety feature reportedly) shifted out of neutral and into park. Ouch.
  18. RRivera

    A pillar vent

    Would be the Lincoln equivalent of a hidden Mickey ; )
  19. RRivera

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    Now that's a bummer for me. The primary reason I chose this car over others was because of the reported ease of flat towing behind our RV. Figures. But thx for info akirby.
  20. RRivera

    2015 MKX shutting down while driving

    Had this same issue with a 2015 GMC Acadia. Car shut off several times while my wife was driving. Electronics went haywire before going out,. Took car toddler several times, and they couldn't figure it out. Searched for TSB's, nothing. After reviewing the web and reading about dead cells in the battery, decided to change the battery myself. That fixed the problem, and thankfully it's been solid ever since.
  21. RRivera

    Sync 3 Background Color

    Huh. I checked earlier today in my 2017 and didn't see the background option. Did see something about day or night mode, or something like that. But nothing referring to background color.
  22. RRivera

    Picked up my 2019 Nautilus Reserve this week

    Absolutely. Would be great to use voice to turn it on or off.
  23. RRivera

    Picked up my 2019 Nautilus Reserve this week

    Yes, good to have the steering wheel heater button on the home page, but IMHO it would be MUCH better to have a physical button instead of having to tap a relatively small onscreen icon. Allows one to keep one’s eyes on the road and turn it on/off by feel, just like with the seat heaters. Also, though it’s more convenient on the home page than having it on the climate page, it really only saves one tap. And it becomes more cumbersome if you’re using Apple CarPlay. I have to first press the App icon in the bottom left, then the Lincoln button to get to Sync, and possibly then get back to the Home screen before being able to toggle it off with the icon. Would be infinitely easier in that setup- and safer- to just press a physical button on the steering wheel. Honestly a bit suprised they didn’t do this.
  24. RRivera

    My newest noise

    I've noticed the very same gas tank sound. Can't say I've noticed it on any other car I've owned, but it doesn't bother me much. Think it's at its worst when the tank is half full. If full, I don't think I've noticed it much.
  25. There is a TSB for my 2017 MKX that was addressed during my last maintenance visit. Same smell albeit only with hard acceleration. Would look into that possibility too.