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  1. As luck would have it, I got an email today from the vendor about their Black Friday deal. Email brings price down to $99 from $160. Works great. Here’s link: https://cplay2air.com/products/cplaystreamer-wireless-adapter-for-factory-carplay-android-auto-module-and-mirror-link-feature?ml_subscriber=1563726667145286984&ml_subscriber_hash=p9o2
  2. If you’re interested, once you can get wired CarPlay to work, you can easily setup for wireless CarPlay. I bought an adapter that enables that functionality for my 2017 MKX and it works well. Can keep phone in pocket or bag without having to plug it in each time.
  3. RRivera

    Tires for 2017 MKX Reserve 265/40R21

    Second akirby’s comments. I run the original 20” Hankook all season tires spring through fall on my 2017 MKX, and swap them out for downsized winter tires and wheels (w TPMS) purchased from Tire Rack. Works great. When all seasons need to be replaced, will go with dedicated summer tires.
  4. RRivera

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Thank you Cosmos36.
  5. RRivera

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Glad it’s working for you! Slightly off topic, but saw this referenced earlier in this thread. Anyone have any ideas on how to more easily get at the rear negative battery terminal? Doesn’t seem easy to disconnect.
  6. RRivera

    2017 mkx wind noise

    FWIW, my noise abruptly stopped without intervention. Weird.
  7. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Noticed anything different? All I saw that was fixed was the Waze speed bug.
  8. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Funny thing is I saw this update show up when I pulled into my garage and it said it started to download the system update. So looked it up online two days ago and went to install it with a thumb drive when it showed that the vehicle had managed to update itself. Nice. So far, the only thing I've noticed that's different is that the Waze speed discrepancy bug has been fixed.
  9. RRivera

    2016 Lincoln MKX Stealth Edition

    Love it! Looks great.
  10. RRivera

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    What I would like to do is to do a frequency analysis or something of the sort to see what could explain the lack of clarity. Have wondered if the polarity of one of the speakers was reversed. Have listened on other Lincoln loaner vehicles, and TBH I wasn't impressed with them either. None were better than my wife's stock radio in her GMC Acadia.
  11. RRivera

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    I've had TWO separate Lincoln dealers look into this for me, as it's my biggest gripe with the car. Both dealers said it was operating normally. Sound is NOT up to the standard one would expect for a vehicle in this price range. My wife's GMC Acadia baseline audio system sounds better.
  12. I've had two separate dealers look into this for me, both with the same response- that it was operating normally. But I agree with you. The audio system is my biggest disappointment with the car.
  13. RRivera

    Gas gauge

    On my 2017, it goes to full right away. I shut car off while fueling. Not sure that matters though.
  14. RRivera

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    Nice job! If you get a chance would appreciate seeing more pics, and pity you didn’t have pics from before and during install to compare.
  15. RRivera

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    True, true! ; )