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  1. According to this we only get the published numbers on octane 93. What are the numbers on 87 then? Are they very significantly lower? Anyone switched and could immediately feel a difference? https://www.guideautoweb.com/en/articles/35467/2016-lincoln-mkx-an-ace-up-its-sleeve/
  2. Had the car for over a year now and this is the first time it happened. Drove in winter during blizzards no problem. Yesterday drove 2 hours in heavy rain and twice got a warning about disabled blindspot sensors and then the orange lights stayed on all the time on the mirrors. It reset after a while without telling me. I had a rack with bikes on the back of the car; maybe that makes a difference? I am not sure where the sensors are.
  3. Fastfwd75

    Navigation Map Update Offer

    You can use Apple carplay or Android auto and always have up to date maps and traffic info. For the integrated navigation I am not sure. I have tried it a few times but really prefer the smartphone nav
  4. The edge st with the 2.7t does. Do we?
  5. Fastfwd75

    Sync 3 Background Color

    The steering is actually too good. I will usually turn it off after a short time because it becomes uncomfortably hot. So yeah taking my eyes off the road hunting for the screen button
  6. Fastfwd75

    Sync 3 Background Color

    here's me hoping that they finally find a way to give me a button or voice command to turn on/off the steering heat while in carplay.
  7. Fastfwd75

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    I wonder what it is that makes a "good" interior for most people. For me it was mostly about feeling comfortable and ergonomics but also a bit of appearance; especially having soft plastics/leatherette instead of hard plastics. I also really like the raised console and the space freed by the buttons shifter. I read and watch car reviews all the time and Germans are always praised but to me they look good but really not that much better than the MKX. The Mercedes looks ridiculous with the numeric keypad. Maybe the look of the MKX is more traditional but it's still good materials, ergonomics. I drove an X3 just before I decided on the MKX and I liked it but I felt better just sitting in the MKX. Also some details I noticed in the MKX that I did not see in other cars. The turn signals sound like a metronome instead of a relay click. That is some great attention to details. I wish there was a way to turn off active noise cancelling to see if it actually makes a big difference.
  8. Fastfwd75

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    Was going to road test a used 2016 edge in early 2018; I learned about the existence of the MKX and went to try one and liked the interior immediately. The devaluation is worse on an MKX to the point where a reserve model was almost the same price as the edge sport; easy choice.
  9. Fastfwd75

    Setting for "Unfold Mirrors"

    Mine is there and I intend to keep it on while under warranty. Maybe even after; worse case I just manually open it when it finally breaks and then turn the option off forever. I had an F250 with folding mirrors before and it was surprisingly solid even at extreme cold with some ice on them. If my intention was to keep the car for 5+ years and keeping the auto folding option for a long time was important to me then maybe I would be more careful in the winter. Right now I feel like using what I paid for.
  10. Fastfwd75

    2015 MKX shutting down while driving

    I would get a dash cam or gopro or something and start filming the dashboard until this happens and then go to the dealer with this; escalate to Ford if the dealer still refuses to keep the car until the problem is fixed. Last time I had a noise I just filmed it and brought that to the service guy and showed him the video; also emailed him so he could pass it on to the mechanic. Saves a lot of trouble and makes it removes 100% of any doubt that the problem is with the driver.
  11. I understand that the people developing the iphone, android and sync apps are not the same but obviously Ford as a whole is not mature as a tech company. It is their responsibility as a brand to ensure that work contracted out or done in their divisions reflects on the brand. How crazy is it that ALL cars would have that annoying cannot connect to wifi message at each start by default? Having remote start fail once in a while I could understand. I've had so many different failures with or without messages. Only explanation I can think of is that the people doing the app are only doing basic testing and the people paying them to do the app don't actually use the app and notice how bad it is. And then there are the minor annoyances such as the app popping up a "do not use while driving" that interrupts my use of remote start because I am currently moving in a bus. Apple maps and google maps are used all the time while moving; you don't see them doing this so it can't be about liability. Once again people ordering the app or designing the app are just not using it in their real life or their real life is nothing like what the customer will be.
  12. With how bad the Lincoln app updates are on my iphone in terms of remote start reliability I would recommend turning auto-updates off anyway. Let other people get the next sync version and then after a few weeks if everything is fine you can download it manually.
  13. Fastfwd75

    My newest noise

    I have been paying attention and never heard it on my 2016. I go from half tank to gas warning message every 1-2 weeks so I drive often with a partial tank but never heard that even backing up in the garage where all outside sounds are reflected to me by the walls. Missing insulation seems possible or maybe several suppliers make gas tannks and some of them are a different design?
  14. Fastfwd75

    2016 MKX Carplay Upgrade Issue T-mobile Iphone 7

    If you want to disable carplay entirely check on your phone in settings, general, carplay. Maybe that 2nd phone has this turned off already. Also there is cover art in carplay music but it's only an hazy background image; hard to make out if you never saw the actual album art before. Maybe it's a case of what you are used to. I really hate sync 3 navigation and I did not enjoy apple maps much at first as I was used to waze. I still think that waze/google maps is better at searching for an address but I mostly use all apple stuff now; just easier to talk to siri and never try to type anything on the screen while at a red light. Also try updating to sync 3.0; new features probably but there are always bug fixed between versions too
  15. Was doing an impromptu drag race from a red light against a Nissan Armada. I was not in sport mode; only D and he beat me to about 40mph after which I backed down because public street limited to 35. Are Armadas crazy fast for that size or does D restrict the engine on top of deadening the gas pedal and shifts?