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  1. Rualnys

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    It appears that the Luxury Package is kind of a bargain after all. For the price of $4k you also get the Revel Ultima, which is a crazy good audio sys and the knobs for volume and tune are quite luxurious too.
  2. Rualnys

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    Wow! Sorry about that. I can imagine how that feels. Ford Parts website shows the assemblies for $1600.
  3. Rualnys

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    With all the tech cars have these days I'm sure there are a few parts that need replacement other than the light assemblies, like some mounts and specially a headlight control module unless the same one that's already in the car can be flashed to use the new lights. Trading the car seems more expensive assuming an industry avg of 30% loss of value during the first year. Maybe an old and experienced Service Advisor could bring some light to the matter or a really good Auto Electrical Shop. Anyone?
  4. Hi y'all, When I got my 2016 MKX last year in January, the dealer had a beautiful Black Label in the showroom with the Indulgence Theme. I noticed the different headlights, Adaptive LEDs like in the pic below, that can be found in Reserve models as part of the Luxury Package. My vehicle comes with the normal Adaptive HID, which are quite bright but not as beautiful and cool looking as these. They seem to have the same size vessel and I was wondering if anyone here has done a conversion or maybe anyone knows and has a good relationship with a service advisor that could give an opinion on how hard to achieve this could be.
  5. Any mention about Android devices also being able to use Waze?
  6. Rualnys

    2008 Mkx 2wd

    And dome lights
  7. Rualnys


    Those headlights look great
  8. Rualnys

    20170711 163501

    Cool name