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  1. MKXMark

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Don't get me wrong, Sirius is great. We were just listening to the Penn State game yesterday and couldn't have picked it up any other way. Streaming runs up our phone data bills too quickly.
  2. MKXMark

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    The Revel system reveals (no pun intended) just how inferior Sirius sound quality is compared to other sources. Back in the early days of satellite radio it was fine, but people expect more now with the advent of Tidal and other high-res sound sources.
  3. MKXMark

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    This is starting to sound like trolling.
  4. MKXMark

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    Where are you located? Maybe there's another Revel owner nearby and you can compare notes (no pun intended!)
  5. I'm a bit of an audiophile, I actually build my own amps. The 14 speaker Revel in my MKZ (the wife has the MKX with the base audio) is the best car stereo I have ever heard, and my passengers tend to agree. Maybe there's a malfunction in the OP's system. I've seen at least one other poster who didn't like the Revel sound and actually covered up the door tweeters.
  6. MKXMark

    Power Transfer Unit Leaking

    Do you have an extended warranty or is Ford just covering it?
  7. MKXMark

    Blindspot sensors disabled while driving in the rain

    I have a bike rack on mine and makes the sensors go nuts.
  8. MKXMark

    headlight mystery

    My MKZ does that, it makes it seem like they're flashing when they come on.
  9. MKXMark

    MKXMark's Gallery

  10. MKXMark

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    Here it is, it's made by Curt. The heat shield needed to be trimmed, not the bumper. It's pretty beefy. The MKX without the towing package can pull 2000lbs but I'm just putting a bike rack on it. Sorry to hijack the Nautilus thread but I assume this applies to that vehicle as well!
  11. MKXMark

    First road trip observations

    Back in the day the turbo would have nothing at low RPM, how things have improved.
  12. MKXMark

    First road trip observations

    The 2.0T has pretty much the same torque as the 3.7. The 3.7 in the MKX struggles, but it has to carry an extra 350 pounds or so compared to the 2.0 in my MKZ so it's not apples to apples. The 2.0 feels more torquey off the line for sure.
  13. MKXMark

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    The hitch guy said they have to "trim" the bumper for the hitch, yikes. I'm going to find out what they plan to do before they start hacking away at it.
  14. MKXMark

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    I ordered a trailer hitch for my MKX, said MKX repeatedly on the phone, and they ordered one for a MKZ. I'm glad they're getting rid of these stupid names.
  15. MKXMark

    Adaptive Lane Keeping On the Highway

    How does it detect both hands on the wheel?