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  1. I posted about this, it happens on our 2017 MKZ and MKX. I never got around to telling the dealer because they would need to have both fobs and go back and forth, and I know they wouldn't be able to reproduce it, being a Ford service department.
  2. What are you guys doing to your lug nuts to wear them out so fast? I don't get it.
  3. I'm glad they are replacing the trans, but it's typical of dealers to deny there is an issue for three visits, even though the issue is obvious if you just drive the vehicle. Hopefully they'll do a good job with the replacement.
  4. MKXMark

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    I went into my garage a few days ago and placed my keyfob and phone next to each other near the car while I put my boots on. The welcome lighting started cycling on, off, on, off as the phone interfered with the fob and made the car think it was coming in and out of range.
  5. If it's dead after 3 weeks you have other issues besides the glove box. 😀 On ours, the glove box is opened when we get new registration/insurance cards and at annual state inspection.
  6. MKXMark

    Need a cargo net hook for a 2017

    There are a bunch of them at this link. https://parts.ford.com/shop/SearchDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=1405&catalogId=251&categoryId=&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&searchSource=Q&pageView=&searchTerm=cargo+hook&searchType=&beginIndex=&pageSize=12&pageNumber=1
  7. MKXMark

    Need a cargo net hook for a 2017

    This hook broke off when loading bags in the back. I think this is the part, as we have the cappuccino leather. I'm hoping it's grey since they don't specify the color. Anyone know? https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/body/bumpers/hook-assy-8682185-1#sectionId:4346182
  8. MKXMark


    I had a strange problem with our MKX and wireless bike speedometers. Any time the speedometer got near the car it would start racking up miles as though it was sensing the magnet on the wheel passing by the sensor. After three different speedometers did it, I had to go with a wired one. I took the video so the sales guy at the bike shop didn't think I was crazy. https://youtu.be/T8eetT6RXBM
  9. MKXMark

    SYNC 3 screen blacks out or freezes

    Have the dealer come get it and replace the whole system.
  10. MKXMark

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    If the fob is in a pocket with a cell phone it tends not to work.
  11. MKXMark

    Creating wallpaper images

    I didn't know this was possible. What option is this in the Sync 3 menu?
  12. MKXMark

    Lincoln Way App

    Uninstall and reinstall has worked for me.
  13. MKXMark

    towing advice needed

    Here an aftermarket hitch on our 2017. It's only used for a bike rack.
  14. MKXMark

    Pearl White MKX in Iowa

    Just drive and enjoy!