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  1. oneyedmason

    2016 MMKX Select

    Yes, thanks it took a while we were lucky where I live as the water flowed down but the lower parts were completely flooded. The Island itself has bounced back the major problem now is the power authority. Small breeze no light for a while.
  2. oneyedmason

    2016 MMKX Select

    Hello everyone, from San Lorenzo Puerto Rico, on my second MKX had a 2012 gave to my daughter and now the 2016, love it. Here's my 2016.
  3. Hello all, I am having issues with an RFID tag to access residential area. Is anyone having any issues with this I have tested the tag in 3 different cars and no issues whatsoever but on my 2016 Lincoln MKX I cannot not get it to read. I have placed it everywhere.