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  1. goatee

    Replacement wheel

    Try Detroitwheelandtire.com. See if they have what you need.
  2. goatee


    Build and Price is available for the 2020 model on nadaguides.com. Color changes and option packages are now offered. 2.7 twin turbo price increased to $2500 for the Reserve model.
  3. goatee

    Exhaust fumes in Nautilus

    It is my understanding from owning 2 Ford Edge's that both had this issue and here is what I learned. Under heavy acceleration or when going uphill as I do everyday. The engine requires a richer amount of gasoline to be sent to it. The computer dials up the richer mixture of gasoline and this is what causes the smell. When your car decelerates, the smell comes out of the exhaust pipes and into your car's climate control system even though the intake is up front. Just try it. Turn off the blower motor and see if you still get the rotten egg smell. My Toyotas also did this.
  4. Ok, it's that time of year again. When does the Oakville plant start producing the 2020 model? And when can we start to see them at the dealers and on the build and price section of Lincoln.com.? Thanks for any information you have.
  5. goatee

    2020 Naautulis

    Tell us more! Engine, AWD, towing pkg? What was the MSRP and your price? ETA of the vehicle?
  6. I was actually able to do this for a short time with my 2011 Edge Ltd. w/navi from Mapquest. Then this was stopped. I was able to send the destination from my PC to my Sync system via my cell phone and save it. It was a neat feature but it is sadly gone.
  7. goatee

    21" Wheels

    Those chromed wheels look so much better than the factory 21 inch " bright wheels." It makes a world of difference. Good choice!
  8. goatee

    AWD Malfunction

    If I were you. I would make yourself familiar with your state's Lemon Law. It happens.
  9. goatee

    New Start/Stop feature

    I would be leary of a permanent disable of the s/s system. It seems like this would be a reason for Lincoln to void the warranty. I would only do it if you had some kind of guarantee that the warranty would not be affected. Otherwise, just turn the system off each time you start the engine, just like you would the radio or adjust the HVAC. I would not buy any vehicle that did not give you the option to turn the s/s off albeit temporarily. Many of the GM products do not have a s/s off button including the new Blazer and many more.
  10. goatee

    Nautilus arrivals at dealers.

    Yes I agree. A typo about the 3.5L on the Navigator. But that aside. With this refresh/redesign, I would only expect the Gen2 engine be used. New model, same engine as the 2017. Believe me, I was ready to drive and order but not with the knowledge that perhaps next year's model may get the Gen2 2.7.
  11. goatee

    Nautilus arrivals at dealers.

    I asked the Lincoln Concierge about the 2.7 TT engine and will share what she told me. I hope this email finds you well. Regarding the new Nautilus, if the 2.7 twin turbo engine being used in production is the Generation 2 version with both port and direct injection? This is a great question and I am happy I was able to look into this for you. My resources show that it’s the same as any 2.7L with just direct injection, it is only the 3.7L that has both, and that is only in our Navigator. Thank you for your interest in Lincoln, I hope you have a great day. Best Regards, So disappointed, they are using the first generation engine with direct injection only. No dual system as we all hoped for.
  12. goatee

    Nautilus arrivals at dealers.

    There are a couple of N's with photos at biondilincoln.net.
  13. goatee

    Detroit Free Press preview (Sept.)

    So I am thinking there are probably thousands of Nautilus' en route to dealers around the country now??
  14. goatee

    Possible 25% import tariff on Canadian built vehicles

    I would not buy any car or truck with the tariff. Absolutely not...
  15. goatee

    Potential 2019 Nautilus purchasers.

    I love that feature. Thank you for helping.