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  1. Good evening: My wife and I have zeroed in on an MKX--our first-ever new car--and we are wondering about buying a 2017 this late in the model year. Specifically, we are looking at a Select Plus vehicle with an MSRP of right around $44k that I have negotiated to $41.5k out the door/everything included. Naturally the salesman is being a salesman: "We need to have this deal wrapped up by Tuesday, or else you lose $1500 in incentives." Am I correct in assuming that I have the leverage here? This dealer has nearly 20 of the 2017 MKX models remaining on his lot, and many with serial numbers in the 20000 range which lead me to believe they have been there for quite a while. From what I'm reading $41,500 out the door on a Select Plus is a good price, but once the 2018 models start rolling in, can I expect that the price will be reduced even more? I'm fine with buying a 2017; just looking for the best price I can get. When I feigned concern to the dealer that buying a 2017 at this late juncture would mean I'm taking a huge hit on the resale value as soon as I drive off the lot and that maybe it makes sense to wait a few weeks for a 2018, he told me that the depreciation is factored into the "at-cost" price that they are already giving me, and that I will risk losing out on our color selection if we wait. We aren't too particular about colors. Any/all advice welcomed with regard to how much I can realistically save on a leftover 2017 this close to the new model year. Thanks...