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  1. Galaxy Dancer

    Exhaust upgrade

    Hello. just had my flex pipe replaced. the dealer uses a non OEM partner as the OEM part is OS. Do not heat wrap that section. you will break the unions as that area will get so hot. The cat will also be affected. COO. your PTU? Change the oil every 30 k miles with RedLine Syn Gear oil. 75w140. our local OILER does ours.
  2. Galaxy Dancer

    New Tires for our '07 MKX

    WE just replaced our Tyres with MICHELIN CROSS CLIMATE 2's OUR 2013 MKX runs 20" Rims. They are awesome. No Noise and a ride like no others. We travel Wisconsin, Door County. These tyres are wonderful in the wet and in the snow.Handling ultra crisp. Check your dealer or Costco. They gave us an awesome deal plus Michelin rebates. Your 18" wheels should be less. Like you our Mkx is garage kept. rests on a carpeted garage floor. Be careful with tyres. Cheap not necessary a better deal in the long run.
  3. Galaxy Dancer

    Wind noise

    our 2013 MKX had nasty wind noise Rear top of drivers side window. Dealer replaced internal window rails and motor. prob solved.
  4. Galaxy Dancer

    Power transfer unit went bad

    Motorcraft fluid is sub grade. Use Redline synthetic Gear Oil 75x140. it is superior with high heat protection. Use Redline Synthetic Gear Oil 75x90 in your Rear diff also. Have been using RedLine in our 2013 MKX in these areas since new. There after, PTU changes every 30k miles, Rear diff every 75k miles.
  5. Galaxy Dancer

    Lincoln Extended Warranty - Worth It?

  6. our 2013 MKX AWD RUNS ON Michelin Cross Climatex2. Superior design. Even with our 20" wheels it rides oh so smooth. Best ride yet.
  7. Galaxy Dancer

    Full Synthetic Motor oil

    We use Liqui Moly full synthetic Special Tec AA 5W20 weight engine oil. We change every 6K miles. Prior to the change we use Liqui Moly Engine Flush. Filter is Ford OEM FL500S. I don't trust aftermarket. Stay away from Fram. AMAZON we purchase it all from. including RedLine Gear Oils.. My local OILER does the flush and change. ▪︎LIQUI MOLY (LM) is a German petroleum company. Been around since early 1920. Switched from MOBIL1 synthetic. LM manufactures and quality controls it all in one facility. MOBIL1, multiple locations worldwide. My DuraTec V6 engine responds oh so better to this LM oil. Just for you. My lubrication schedule. 📅 Everyone has their own. We like our MKX. Lubrication maintenance is the life of your vehicle and it extends well beyond engine oil changes. ▪︎ PTU - changed every 25K miles. We use Red Line Gear Oil 75W140. Out performs Motorcraft hands down. At my OILER. Dealership claims their PTU oil is lifetime never needs change. NOT SO. No concern if you do not have AWD. ▪︎ Rear Differential - changed every 75K miles. Red Line Gear Oil. At the dealership. ▪︎ Transmission - changed every 30K miles. Motorcraft trans fluid. At the dealership. ▪︎ Brake Fluid - changed annually. At the dealership. ▪︎ Coolant - change every 30K miles. Motorcraft coolant. At the dealership. ▪︎ Power Steering Fluid - changed every year. At the dealership. Hope this helps you.
  8. Galaxy Dancer


    Oct 10th 2021 just completed our "Wheel Art" project. ■ TOP SIDE - Our 2013 White MKX AWD @ 89K miles is complete top side. Under the Bonnet Fluid Maint' (Liqui Moly Engine Flushes and Special Tec oil changes, PTU oil changes, Rear Differential,Trans, Coolant, Brake and Pwr Steering changes) Replacement Stuffs (new rad hoses, belts, plugs, rear shocks, front loaded struts, awesome Michelin CROSS CLIMATE 2 tyres, an additional rear brake light incorporated in the towing apparite, interior/exterior LED's, Lincoln rear MKX bumper guard and Microlon Treated Eng-Trans-PTU-Rear Diff-Coolant/Radiator-A/C-Power Steering) Fun Warranty Stuff (drivers side window rails & motor, chrome door handle, rear driver side door internal open/close mechanism, glass roof plastic ski's, rear wheel bearing, transaxle seal, APIM, fuel vapour canister sensor) ■ NOW BOTTOM SIDES - Those horrid, dirty calipers and dingie dirty rusted rotor hats and every thing rotor out side of the pad area. Short of spending a kings ransom on Aft Mkt brake systems I discovered an affordable option. ▪︎ PLASTIC WHEEL WELL TREATMENT - scrubbed/clean, Turtle Wax Graphine Pro Flex Spray wax. Graphined treated. Marvelous clean appearance. The visual background for it all. Awesome stuff for the entire vehicle as well. ▪︎ DFC.COM - OEM stock replacement GEOSPEC/MET finished rotors. Neat silver finish superior to porous Zinc coatings that rust. These do not. This stuff lasts and boy do they look grand. Everything coated, internal vanes, tops, the rotor hats. DFC claims the coating against rust will out last the rotors life. I purchased their rotors, ceramic pads and stainless steel bracketry kits per rotor. ▪︎ CCI CALIPER COVERS - Plantation FL. these covers look like high end authentic calipers. Brilliant design. Attaches to the stock caliper points with insane Earth Magnets. Not the foreign junk or domestic fake looking competitors that attach on with clamps screws and bolts that fail. CCI offers 3 diff designs. You determine colour an label. We chose Platinum Silver Satin with corporate "LINCOLN" as our label. Not mechanical am I, so my Lincoln dealership mechanic installed them. Very impressed was he! They look stupendous. Nice design feature is they direct the brake dust aft of the wheel. Even better, those front massive stock Ford calipers with the CCI covers look massively great and complement the front end "Bull Dog" look I so like. Speed tested. Buried the spedo. No issues. ☆ The GRAPHINED WHEELWELLS + DFC GEOMET ROTORS + CCI CALIPER COVERS = "WHEEL ART"
  9. Galaxy Dancer

    Xenon OR LED?

    Sorry for the delay. Have been overseas in the Med sailing. NO these are not the ones. These are just H11 bulb replacements. You need Phillips Xtreme H11 KIT. The kit has HID bulbs, wiring and balasts. These are the Phillips Fog HID lights installed on our MKX. The are great. They Compliment the HID FACTORY HEADLIGHTS nicely. And I love the long distance of light from the HID fog lights. Contact XEONDEPOT www.xeondepot.com. 877-522-2701. I choose 6500K cool white light. Oh a word about converting factory lights to LED lights on you MKX. ■ If your MKX is CANBUS enabled, make sure the LED lights are CANBUS compliant. If not, you could have flickering lights and could wreak havoc on your electrical systems. ■ Stay away from cheap LED's, especially from China. ■ Make sure the replacements are the right size and voltage. I have replaced all interior OEM lights with LED's and exterior license plate and amber turn signal lights with LED's. I only use CARiD, Lumen NB line of LED'S. They are CANBUS compliant and ultra quality made. Our interior LED's look awesome. Bright,however very easy on your eyes. Check them out. www.carid.com. Ring 800-505-3274. And for your puddle lights get these incredible OEM/CANBUS compatible LED puddle lights. Just need a small screwdriver to install. I nestled them on our MKX them and cannot be more impressed. The light spreads are amazing. I get alot of comments from Ford owners. A cut above. Contact DRIVE BRIGHT www.drivebright.com. Ring 913-304-0720 ask for Dan. Contact me if you need help with any of this stuff. Have a great 2018.
  10. Galaxy Dancer

    Sync Card

    I use the A8 card in our 2012 MKX. Works wonderful.
  11. Galaxy Dancer


    2012 MKX - Updated the NAV SD from A4 to A8. In doing so the entire SYNC system is compromised. Screen halts, Freezes trying to enter a Destination. Horrid performance also. Remove the A8 card and install the A4 and all is sweet and snappy. Dealer installed a new APIM and updated SYNC Gen 2 to Version 4.4 or 4.4.1. Not sure which version. ALSO dealer replaced the originally purchased A8 SD with a new one. Still a dealer issue. Anyone experienced the same? Im not tech savy however could my problem possibly be: ● lack of internal memory to run the A8 SD ● wrong A8 SD for my SYNC version. Do different A8's exist for different SYNC versions. ● incompatible card reader ● SYNC software issue. Also, how does one display their SYNC version #? Many Thanks
  12. Galaxy Dancer

    2012 Edge Sport K&N fit on a 2012 MKX?

    akirby - You were right about K&N. Got the same response from their tech group. Thanks and convinced. Pardons for being such a problem. Hmm, the power of marketing. Enigma-2 thanks also for your input. You both have been very helpful and I appreciate it. FYI I got the riot act Friday the 13th from my Lincoln dealer when I had a new OEM air filter installed. Quote my tech guy who services our MKX exclusively. "Idiots use H&N filters". Question: ● What is a good replacement schedule mile wise? I don't live in a dusty area. Drive less than 10k miles a yr.
  13. Galaxy Dancer

    2012 Edge Sport K&N fit on a 2012 MKX?

    Absolutly not! KOOL-AID is terrible for your health. From your comment, maybe you do? Again if you live in a dusty area and seldom drive outside of that area it, hmm is Dusty. Pls. clarify last sentance.
  14. Galaxy Dancer

    Power Steering Fluid Confusion.

    It also might be wise to do a visual inspection of hoses and the plastic fluid reservoir for cracks. I don't think the fluid needs to be topped up.
  15. Galaxy Dancer

    2011 MKX Touchscreen

    You should check with NHTSA (National Highway Transportation and Saftey Adm.) on line for your issue. Also you may ask FORD if they could run a vehicle history report for you. This may uncover previous issues. I may be wrong, however I thought I read some where that the auto mfanufacturers System Displays are backed by law. Have similar issue right now on our 2012 MKX. The dealer installed a new APIM board, replaced the rear camera, replaced the NAV A8 SD card and some (vent micro motors for the lack of their correct name) for the air system. Our screen was going black, no rear camera image, horrid slow response,stalling and intermittent errors in most of the SYNC functions. At present all SYNC stuff seems to be working and is currently being monitored by myself and the dealer. The defective Lincoln A8 SD card they found was the enabler for numerous NAV fault errors. You know all was fine until the recent SYNC update and the new A8 SD card upgrade occured. Who knows! Hope this helps. Your not alone.