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  1. Cathyv817

    Rv towing 2014 Lincoln MKX

    I have seen a few people that tow the MKX including a 2010. While I cannot speak for your year, it would say in the owners manual if it could be towed with all four on the floor. Sadly, I've found that you cannot rely on Lincoln to be very helpful. Anyway, this is the process you must use: On our 2014 MKX: Run the car for at least 5 minutes. Put vehicle from park to R to D to S then to D then to N then to R then back to N. The manual says to ALWAYS go from N from R. I shut the vehicle off then put in accessory mode with radio off. Darken your display monitor in the settings. Some dash lites will be on but will go off in about 2 minutes. We added a toad charger to make sure the battery stayed up. You need to run the vehicle for at least 5 minutes every 6 hours and go thru the same procedure to put it back into neutral if you plan to go more than six hours. Speed limit is 65mph. Enjoy!!
  2. Cathyv817

    Dead key fob emergency slot location?

    I finally found it! It's located in the center console between the seats. Take the first tray out and it's under there. I had seen the opening before, it was large enough to put two fingers in, but it didn't register that perhaps the key fob would fit in there because it seemed like there was nothing there but an opening, or like you said a "place". I removed​ the battery from the fob, inserted it in the slot (it fit like a glove) and the car started right up. Now I can sleep tonight! Thank you all for your suggestions... mystery solved!
  3. Cathyv817

    Dead key fob emergency slot location?

    My 12 volt socket is on the passenger side of the center compartment, surround by carpet. I have one other in the center console and one in the rear passenger area...all have no key slot to be found. My​ car was built in Jan 2014. I don't need this feature right now but am frustrated that I can't find it should I ever need it.
  4. Cathyv817

    Dead key fob emergency slot location?

    That's the very first place I looked. In the owner's manual it states that it's inside the compartment with the USB ports. There's nothing like what they describe in there.See pix...
  5. I've searched online and found different places where Ford hid the emergency key fob slot. I'm unable to find it in my 2014 MKX. Does anybody know where this is please?
  6. Cathyv817

    Rv towing 2014 Lincoln MKX

    Thank you. We have a friend with that scanner and ran the check for any codes tonight. No codes in park or neutral (as with being towed.) He checked his vehicles and they also have the ck engine light on in accessory mode. Lincoln didn't have an answer and neither did the dealer where I bought it. However the dealer said that it would be normal to have that light on. I guess I'll be able to tell the first time I tow my new car! Thank you for your reply... At least someone had something for me to look into.
  7. We just purchased a 2014 Lincoln MKX. We ordered the baseplate to have it installed in a few weeks so we can tow the vehicle behind all motorhome. I tested the process of putting the transmission into neutral which worked fine, however the check engine light stayed illuminated in yellow. Is this normal?