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  1. tberg

    window controls my mirror

    Your window controls your mirror, my key fob causes my passenger window to bang against the glass until you start the car. It's been back to the dealer many times in the last 3.5 years for this but they've never diagnosed it. Now they've decided to replace the passenger side mirror. I don't think that will solve the problem as I think it's an impulse coming from the driver's side. And the mirror is out of stock at Lincoln, so we don't know when it's coming.
  2. tberg

    Unfold mirror setting

    At least your mirror folds back in most of the time. Our 2016 MKX Black Label's passenger side mirror bangs into the window continuously when the car is opened with a key fob and will continue to do so until the driver's door is opened or the car is started. If you don't do either, it would bang away for a whole day. Been into the dealer for 4 years on numerous occasions and it never got fixed. Finally, this week, they decided to order a new mirror. I don't think that will solve the problem because what stops it from continuing is the opening of the driver's side door which leads me to believe that an "impulse" in that mechanism is being sent to the passenger side and triggering the knocking. We'll see sometime in the future as the dealer can't seem to locate a mirror and then when it finally shows up, the car and mirror have to be sent to paint and body to march them up.
  3. We own a 2016 MKX Black Label with all the bells and whistles. We received two recall notices, one concerning the seats and their wiring, and the other regarding brake lines that could leak potentially causing failure. In addition, for the last several months we have had a TPMS fault code that can't be reset by my mechanic and since the car was new, the passenger side mirror starts banging against the window when the key fob unlocks the car. After the driver's door is opened or the car is started, the banging stops and the mirrors opens to its normal position. The car was at one of the largest dealers in the United States for 2 weeks. During that time, they did the seat correction recall, but didn't have parts and won't have parts to do the faulty brakes lines for two months, the TPMS fault was not dealt with at all, and they couldn't get the mirror banging to occur while the car was there even though it happens 100% of the time at home. After they called me to pick up the car since the brake recall parts would not be in for a couple of months, I was on my way to pick up the car when I got a call saying that while they were bringing the car up for me the mirror started banging into the window. Could I leave the car until the mirror comes from the Lincoln Parts Distributor. Four days later, I'm called to say that the mirror is back ordered and they have no idea when it will be in. And when it comes the car has to be sent to the paint and body shop so the mirror can be painted to match the car. With regard to the TPMS fault, they told me a nonsensical story that there was a nail in a rear tire (even though it was not losing air pressure), and this was causing the fault. I had been planning on get new rear tires and brakes anyway as soon as I got the car back, so I did that knowing full well that it could not be the cause of the warning fault. It also told me when we read the codes that the service technician never even looked at or hooked up a code reader to the computer or he could have seen the problem. Instead he made up a story to cover his butt. So I refused to wait another 6 weeks for an appointment and I insisted that they take the car back today. I brought it in this morning and it was done by midday, so it wasn't anything they couldn't have discovered during its previous two week stay at the dealer. The service writer was courteous and helpful and they provided a new MKZ each time as a loaner, and that's another story. Both loaners were powered by the 2.0L engine hybrid. Honestly, if Lincoln wants to present itself as a luxury marque and puts this anemic engine in a car at any pricepoint, it is simply an embarrassment. It would be underpowered in a Toyota Yaris, it's so pathetic. Certainly not befitting of a high end manufacturer. Well, I finally got our 2.7 twin turboed MKX back this afternoon, and in comparison, is absolutely ferocious. I guess my daily driver for the last 7 years, a 600hp Jaguar XKR has spoiled me rotten.
  4. tberg

    Transmission Clunking

    Got our 2016 MKX Black Label with about 20,000 miles on it back today after Lincoln decided to replace the entire transmission rather than repair it for the second time in as many months. The first time, the car simply wouldn't go into reverse, period! They replaced a bunch of parts including what they called the clutch mechanism. This time the transmission broke down driving along a major boulevard at 35 mph and my wife had to coast to the curb., all gears failed to function. The diagnosis showed that so much damage had been done to the transmission and the previous repair that it was more efficient (read: less costly) to replace everything. We just picked it up an hour ago, we'll see how long this lasts this time.
  5. tberg

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    The first year Buick Enclave, 2008, had so many problems with the drivetrain that Buick chucked the whole thing before the end of the first year. From 2009 onwards, when GM replaced the engine and transmission, the trannies were not an issue. We bought a first year car and paid for the teething problems. The 2016 MKX is my wife's car, so it is driven very mildly as was the Enclave. There was no abusive driving with either. I save my abusive driving for my 600hp "cats," my 2010 XKR and my De Tomaso Pantera when I take them to the track. And even those have not had transmission problems.
  6. tberg

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    Our 2016 MKX Black Label with about 20,000 miles on it, is getting a brand new transmission, this week after the repairs from two months ago failed and left my wife and pregnant daughter stranded on the street late one evening. Lincoln decided there was so much damage that it didn't pay to repair, so they're replacing the whole thing. Tranny came in yesterday as car has been at the dealer for the past month. We replaced our Buick Enclave with the Lincoln because after five transmission rebuilds, I gave up. Here we're on the second with our MKX, and I'm nervous about the future. Hopefully, this will be the end of the issue. Happy New Year!
  7. Update! So much damage was done internally, that Lincoln decided it was more efficient to replace the entire transmission as opposed to repairing parts. Tranny arrived yesterday and we should get the car back by next weekend. I am hopeful that this is the last time this kind of repair has to be done for a long, long time. My two Jaguar XKRs, a 2002 convertible with 171,000 miles, and my 2010 5.0L coupe with 155,000, have never had transmission work done except for fluid changes. I don't like transmission problems especially based on our experience with the Buick.
  8. For the second time in the last 3 months, our 2016 MKX with about 20000 miles on it lost all transmission function with the accompanying "Powertrain Malfunction" warning. This time around, it's been two weeks and the dealer is waiting for parts. In the discovery phase, they found significant damage to the trans as well as to what was previously repaired. And this time, it stranded my wife and pregnant daughter on the street. I am now getting to the point that I'm wondering if we'll trust that the car is reliable and if the repair will be sufficient to keep it from happening again. We got rid of our Buick Enclave after having the transmission rebuilt five times. I'm quite concerned that we're headed in the same direction. We don't use it to tow anything, it's my wife's grocery getter. Very disappointed.
  9. tberg

    Lift Gate CLOSING on its Own!

    It has happened to me on our 2016 MKX on too many occasions to even count. I assumed it was my feet under the bumper even when I was careful not to extend them more than a couple of inches. I have been hit in the head, almost been strangled, etc. Very annoying.
  10. Glad we got the loaner, car is still at Galpin awaiting finish. Supposedly we get her back tomorrow.
  11. tberg

    Best wax

    After trying many, many waxes over the past 50 years of driving, I've come to like using Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Synthetic Wax because of its ease of application and removal, just wipe on and wipe off very easily. Is it the longest lasting was I've ever used? No, but I wax a couple of times a year anyway, and it beads water like nothing you've ever seen. Plus, you can apply in direct sun without worrying.
  12. Yesterday afternoon, my wife returning home from our neighborhood supermarket started experiencing trouble driving home in her 2016 MKX Black Label with 20,000 miles, and she pulled off the main street onto a residential block and parked. I came to see what was wrong and to pick her up. I started the car, but it would not go into Reverse (I was going to see if we could nurse it home to our house a few short blocks away). But, it was to no avail. We decided to leave it parked and have AAA tow it to Galpin Lincoln, our closest dealership and the largest Ford dealership in the world on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the posted parking signs said No Parking between 2-6am with the threat of towing the car away and impounding it. So, we called AAA, met them there at 9:30pm and took it over hoping they'd have a night drop area. Fortunately, they did and there were still people at the dealership who had us fill out a drop off service form for the morning service advisor. All handled very nicely and courteously. At 7am this morning, I spoke with the service advisor, he had seen the note was moving the car into service, and I asked him if my wife could get a loaner car. One of the reasons we bought the CPO, fully loaded (virtually every option) car, was because of the specific perk of getting a loaner of the same or higher quality when a car is brought into a Black Label Dealership. It was a hassle we wouldn't have to deal with. When I asked the service advisor about it on the phone, he said he'd have to check and get back to my wife. When i called her later in the morning, she said the service advisor had informed her that Lincoln had changed the rules, this year, and no longer provided this service. I, immediately called him back and said that i didn't really care that Lincoln no longer was doing it, but that it was written in the contract of Black Label ownership that this was an advantage of spending the extra money, so that this was a contractual agreement that couldn't be cancelled. To his credit, he spoke with his manager and was able to come up with another MKX for her to drive, and she picked it up. I would have understood if I was told that because the car was towed in without a service and loaner car reservation, we might not get a car until the next day, and I would have been fine with that. But with a brand that's trying to regain luxury credibility again, to break promises made to its clientele after the fact, is just a terrible idea. As it turns out, some kind of internal clutch device is broken inside the transmission and will require the car to be in the shop for about a week. Stuff happens, things break (prematurely) and I can deal with that. However, promises made between a company and its customers are not breakable on a whim without repurcussions. Kudos to Galpin for coming through with a solution, they handled it properly after being nudged. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience?
  13. We had the same problem. no sound on locking, took it in an was repaired under warranty. The repair lasted only a couple of weeks, maybe a month. Haven't bothered to take it back yet. More annoying is a passenger side mirror that persistently knocks against the window, the motor trying to force it to retract even further than it can. Goes away after you start the car.
  14. tberg

    The New Ride: 2018 Black Label 2.7TT

    Congratulations on a beautiful color combination. Is that the rouge noir interior color. We have it on our 2016, and think it's exceptionally rich looking. Enjoy it.
  15. i was going to save this for a separate thread, but this is a good time to talk about it. We've owned our 2016 Black Label for about 5 months now and have few complaints. However, there are two areas that bug me (my wife whose car it is, couldn't care less). First, softer spring rates on the rear. Since in Los Angeles, every small street and parking lots have speed bump and humps, I find that unless you come to a virtual stop, going over the humps at anything higher than 3mph produces a terrible double thumping that feels like the whole rear end is coming loose. (#1 complaint) Second, I am not crazy about the downshifting behavior of the 6spd. transmission. Undoubtedly, the new tranny will have 8 or 9 speeds so that may automatically change this characteristic, but it's not the number or lack of speeds to which I object. I have a 6spd ZF transmission in my 600hp Jaguar XKR, and it's the best tranny I've ever used in any car (and I prefer it to its 8spd younger "brother" in the F-type). The gearing in the MKX tranny is just not spaced properly. The other small annoyances that I'd like to see improved revolve around the Nav/screen. Whatever the material of the screen, it shows every single fingerprint as if it had neon lights around it, to the point where it blocks the view of some of the information on the screen. And finally, the dialpad of the phone is far too small for my fat fingers and typically takes me 3 or 4 attempts to actually hit the numbers I want. Now maybe there is a magnified option that I haven't discovered yet, but I would love to see a larger phone screen.