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  1. I have a 1TB hard drive laying in the bottom of the center consul connected via a retractable USB cable. Takes a bit of time to index, but works great one done
  2. Ninja279

    Cockpit Screen Crack

    My wife has just noticed that the cockpit clear plastic over the instrument panel has a three-inch crack from the bottom heading vertically up in it. It is almost invisible looking down at the panel but stands out like a sore thumb from the passenger seat. I cannot think how the crack could have happened without the plastic having some kind of impact mark. I'm wondering if this is the result of a defect and if anyone else heard of this happening?
  3. Ninja279

    2016 Heated seatfix?

    Booked my car in again, this time they followed the TSB and now my seat heaters work for the first time.
  4. Ninja279

    2016 Heated seatfix?

    I booked my 2016 MKX (BL) in to have the heated seats looked at after finding the attached fix. Fist the dealer did not see the online booking I made, then after 24 hours they called me to say they hadn't started the service because they were a mechanic short but would get it ion first thing the next day. The next day I called to inform them I would be out of state the following week and their new (51 miles) Nautilus would be sitting in my company carpark for the week. Car ready in 2 hours. The report said "confirmed seat heater operation to be poor" they reprogramed and stated seats now working. They are no better than before, and I don't think they even looked at the fix I had printed out for them. I will be speaking with a manager next week Seat Heater.docx
  5. Did that twice. Now thinking of resetting my sync3 system and reactivating the phone connection
  6. Has anyone else's Lincoln Way (Apple) stopped showing the Start and Lock function buttons? All the car information is there but none of the controls are showing up. I did get a text apologizing for issues about a week ago but since then nothing.
  7. Wo Would be interested to know what the fault turned out to be
  8. Ninja279

    Tips, Tricks and Features...?

    I thought the rear seats were not powered, and pushing the button just releases a latch
  9. Ninja279

    Locking Chirp Malfunction

    Did you replace it with an OEM unit or an aftermarket item?
  10. Ninja279

    Optimal Trade-In Time?

    Like akirby I say keep it until the warrenty expires and it is paid off. Although it looks like you do slightly more than average milage reliability should not be an issue in the four year period (no matter which engine is fitted). Also in 2020 you might be looking at a the new Aviator as an option
  11. Ninja279

    Tire Wear / Replacing MKX Tires

    Being originally from the UK, I had never heard of a 50,000 mile tire (never mind 60 and 70,000 miles). In the UK we thought we had really looked after our tires if we got over 25,000 miles (yes new tires every two years). New tires in the UK also seemed to have more tread depth than the tires I can get here.
  12. Ninja279

    How are these Navigation systems updated?

    I downloaded Sygic to my iPhone. It is supported by Apple Play, and is updated on a regular basis
  13. I agree with cbala; why ruin a nice line with something cosmetic? Also need to ensure the rails don't add extra wind noise
  14. Timmer, are you saying you upgraded your Sync3 to version 3? Is that the 2017 MKX version?