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  1. Nosebleed, I forgot to mention incentives when I mentioned my deal details. So my deal was 1% over invoice less $2,500 Lincoln Incentive and $1,000 Competitor Conquest Incentive because I had an Acura MDX that I was moving from. I think the same conquest deal was good for someone with a Lexus, Acura, BMW, Benz, or Infinity. I don't know which incentives are still available, but you can check the incentive plans via http://www.lincoln.com/crossovers/mkx/incentives/. One nice thing is that Lincoln enables you to select the best incentives from either when you placed the order for your MKX -or- when you pick it up. The other folks on this thread have some great ideas. I'm sure if you have the time you will be able to get a better deal than I did. One thing I can say is that you will definitely enjoy the MKX when you get it. Good luck!
  2. I was unaware of the price plan/pin thing, but I ordered a '17 Reserve AWD 2.7 for 1% over invoice, which ended up being about $3,700 under sticker, if I am remembering that correctly. I probably could have pushed for more but had a lot going on that week and needed to wrap up negotiations. I just picked it up a week ago and will be posting my early impressions soon, but if you are ordering, here's a couple feedback items: -I went with the 13-speaker Revel upgrade, but not the 20 speaker option. The sound system sounds very good and much better than the stock one -I didn't get the 22-way seats as I had no interest in the massage feature. Although the stock seats are nice, I find the thigh support lacking and would order the seat upgrade if I had to do it again for that reason alone. -The 2.7 Turbo engine has lots of punch and makes me smile when I want to accelerate quickly. However, I find the 2.7's rickety engine noise at idle and in general driving to be noticeably noisier than the standard 3.7 engine. My dealer did not have any 2.7s for me to test drive, so I foolishly assumed it would not be that much noisier than the 3.7. If I had to do it over again.....I'd still go with the 2.7 because of the power/responsiveness -I ordered mine on 12/28 and it arrived at the dealer on 2/28. I picked it up a few days later. Good luck w/ your order & purchase. Cheers! JB
  3. jbiggs

    MKX order tracking

    Sorry you are having such a crappy situation with getting your car. If you can deal with waiting another 2 months, then I'd say wait and get the '17 like you wanted. Here is my rationale: 1 - I just took delivery of my '17 reserve today. I ordered it on 12/28 and arrived on 2/27 2 - I was only able to drive it home and park it, as we had a couple snow showers come through, but so far I'm very happy with it and I think you will be also. 3 - For 2017, at least in the US, valet service for pickup and loaner exchange for service is included. This was previously only available on the Black Label model in 2016 4 - Does the 2016 the dealer is trying to get you to take have Sync 2? If so, you already know that Sync 3 is substantially better. I would hate having an MKX w/ Sync 2 knowing I could have purchased one with Sync 3 at almost the same time. 5 - Android Auto and Apple Carplay are available in 2017s 6 - I have to assume that by next March a 2016 will be worth substantially less than a similar 2017, perhaps as much as $8K-10K US less. Overall, if you are getting a new MKX, IMO the 2017 would be worth waiting another 60-80 days for.
  4. jbiggs

    MKX order tracking

    @cafpaf Mine was ordered on 28 December 2016, although the plant was shut down until very early January. My dealer told me that my MKX is scheduled to be built this week and ETA is mid-March. He said that the plant is very busy in January because of the shutdown week combined with people having time to shop and order cars. When they get back on the line in January there is usually a bigger, but very temporary, backlog. I didn't think the long wait would bother me, but it is starting to. I really want to get it here. I'm hoping for the early part of mid-March rather than later. We'll see... Cheers.
  5. When I was shopping for my '17 MKX, my local dealer mentioned that he heard the new grill will be on the 2018 model, but he did not receive anything official on it. I personally like the new grill on the Continental, but on the MKX I actually like the current split-wing grill, so I ordered a '17 that is finally under construction and should be delivered next month.
  6. jbiggs

    Anybody using a dashcam in their MKX?

    @Rick65inLosAngeles First - wow! Sorry you had to deal with that accident and the legal/insurance mess afterwards. I am hoping no one was seriously injured. Unfortunately your story is all too common these days. It is simply just too easy to sue someone these days and there is little payback if the plaintiff files something frivolous and loses. Hence our hugely expensive insurance and medical rates. Second - Very nice installation. Have you been happy with the BlackVue system? I've been shopping various dashcams -- all have their pros and cons obviously -- and I like the BlackVue form factor the best of all. I like how discreet it is for the occupants of the car (at least visibly - I've heard that they beep a lot for some reason). My only concern has been the mixed reviews on their reliability and how some people have units that die on them in 8-12 months, sometimes shorter. I'm hoping their QC, along with their software capabilities have improved. Third - How long did it take you to complete the installation? Would you consider it a very tough job for a guy with reasonably decent hands-on car repair skills? Thanks!
  7. WiFi hotspot would be an occasional nice-to-have for me, especially when on a trip with my teenage kids, but it's not a deal breaker for me. I have a portable hotspot I could use, but I bet it would have a tougher time with keeping an LTE signal than a built-in, well-powered OEM modem w/ an antenna in the shark fin. On the Alexa side of things, I have an Alexa/Echo at home and would like to have 2-way connectivity with it. Unfortunately it sounds like my 'X that is about to be built will not get that 2-way connection, but hopefully at least the 1-way connection. It would be nice if the modem could be swapped out next year for the new one. We'll see....
  8. jbiggs

    Whatdaya think of the goofy transmission buttons?

    I like using a center console shifter better, but I do really like the layout of the console of the MKX, so I guess you can't have everything. I think the buttons would be easier to deal with if the actual gear change happened much faster than it currently does. Right now it seems like it takes 2-3 times the time it should take to switch gears, but I'm sure there is more to making all that work than is obvious. My new Reserve is in queue to be built soon, so I haven't done any parking w/ the multi-camera's, but from what others have said above it sounds a bit cumbersome when you really need them. Isn't there a way to keep the cameras all on at a slow speed?
  9. jbiggs

    IMG 0119

    Thanks for sharing feedback on the adaptive steering. The Reserve I just ordered has it, but I was mainly buying the Driver Assistance package for the pre-collision assistance/braking. I was ambivalent about the Adaptive Steering because I haven't heard much of how it is. From BMW owners I have heard lots of feedback about their version, mainly that was not good. Every manufacturer is different though.
  10. jbiggs

    Why did you choose the MKX over the Edge?

    I finally just ordered my '17 Reserve 2.7 tonight. I like the Edge, but to answer the OP's question, here are my reasons: 1 - The center console design & LCD display, and overall the MKX's interior is a nicer place to spend time 2 - I could get the 2.7 without having to tet the monochrome black interior the Edge has 3 - Although I like the look of the Edge, I think the MKX's exterior simply looks nicer 4 - The additional warranty 5 - Free pickup/dropoff/loaner valet service for all 2017 MKX's, not just Black Label 6 - Road noise control via thicker & laminated glass, insulation, and other factors 7 - Perceived higher quality (cargo area carpeted sides vs full plastic, etc.) 8 - Did I mention the 2.7 9 - Pricing didn't seem that much more expensive after loaded up a new Edge 10 Feedback from this Forum Looking forward to getting it in early March, hopefully after the last snow storm of the year (unlikely, I know)
  11. @akirby - wow! That is a huge range. $700 documentation fee?! No way! Thanks for the heads-up. I really appreciate it.
  12. jbiggs

    Scary Auto Parallel Parking Feature....

    Thanks everyone for the feedback on the seats. My dealer did not have any MKX's with the 22-way seats on the lot but they should have a couple coming in in the next two weeks, and I'll head over to check them out. And, getting back to the OP, yeah - very scary indeed. From what I've seen from other auto-park systems, I usually can park faster than they do, so I can see me getting impatient with it and never using it after a few times. Glad you hit the breaks and got your answer. It was helpful for me as well. Happy Holidays!
  13. Being busy at work has delayed my ordering of my new MKX, but I hope to do it during the holiday week. My dealer has offered to order one for 1% over invoice, regardless of model and options I choose. Is that a 'good' deal or should I attempt to negotiate something better. Thanks! JB
  14. jbiggs

    Scary Auto Parallel Parking Feature....

    What do you think of the Messaging Seats? I've heard totally conflicting reports. Some love the seats and think they are much better than the standard seats. Some think it was a waste of money and rarely ever use the massage feature. I have a bad back and was thinking the additional leg support and upper back adjustment might be better. I don't think I'd use the massagers that much. BTW, the feedback I just read about the park assist feature is very helpful. I want to order the all-around camera feature but have no interest in the auto park assist. The joys of feature packaging....
  15. jbiggs


    I'm getting ready to order an MKX in the next two weeks and I certainly hope that there are no quality issues with it. It will be my first Ford product since I said "Never again" when I got rid of my '94 Explorer. I've been impressed with my friend's '16 Edge and even more impressed with the MKX. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who owns one that can give me candid feedback on how they like their vehicle. That's why forums like these are so important.