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    Changed abs sensor but light is still on

    Thank you guys for the responses. NOTMY911, can you please elaborate on your recommendation? Akirby, I confirmed that the old sensor was bad by doing a multimeter test of both the old and new sensor; the old sensor showed no resistance while the new one showed a normal amount of resistance. Also, the scanner came up with an ABS sensor code and went away when I replaced it. I think the tone ring is what I am interested in checking. Can you explain a little bit on what that is? Is it plausible for it to go bad after 50,000 miles of normal driving? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a Service Advancetrac message with the Traction control and Stability control lights on, on my 2011 MKX. After getting it scanned, the front right ABS wheel speed sensor was at fault. I bought a new one and replaced it, and the light is still on. The scanner no longer shows the wheel speed sensor code; there are no codes coming up at all. I tried disconnecting the battery and letting it die, but when turned back on the lights are still there. What could be the issue? There is a click sound that happens whenever taking off from a standstill. Does this have anything to do with the teeth that the ABS sensor work off of or anything like that. I'm not too familiar with this part of the ABS system.