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    New Tires for our '07 MKX

    Just a quick update on the new Nexen tires put on our '07 MKX - put new 245/60/18 Nexens on earlier this week and drove down to Myrtle Beach yesterday. Before leaving, I checked the air pressures and found they ranged from 35psi - 40psi. What in the world?! Went with 36psi at all four corners and had a very smooth ride. Initial impressions are this @ $444 for a new set of 18" tires, you can not go wrong. I will quantify this by saying that we own 4 cars and our MKX only sees about 5K miles a year now. If we were driving 15K miles a year we may have stayed with Michelins. I think, as the Nexens wear, the road noise will be greater than the Michelins with the same wear. They won't go as many miles as the Michelins will either. So I will ask myself this, would I buy these tires again? Yes, in a split second, with zero issues. These will last us at least 5 more years and by then we may be ready for a new MKX! :happy feet:
  2. 07MKXDD

    New Tires for our '07 MKX

    Nexen is a South Korean tire manufacturer. I had an '05 Mazda 6 GS wagon that I had put 18" tires and wheels on it shortly after I drove it off the dealer's lot. I think they were the N7000 series back then, I believe. They were high performance soft summer compound tires and I put them on every spring for three years. Awesome tires and when I sold the set, they had covered roughly 23K miles and still looked great. The reviews on Walmart's site were mostly 5 stars with the average being 4.7. Like I said above, when I needed to replace the Coopers on my Jeep, I went with Hankook ATMs and have been thrilled with them. The Coopers were coming apart on the sidewalls with huge cracks all the way around three of four tires @ less than 30K miles. On our 2000 Jeep XJ Cherokee, we also have Coopers on it and two of four tires have cracks and they don't have 25K on them. Sadly, there are some good tires coming out of South Korea instead of America. Low prices get you hooked and when they perform better than you expect, you go back for more. The MKX is mostly our beach ride and in the last year, we drove it about 6K miles. If the Nexens last 25K miles, it looks like we're set for nearly 4 years! Heck, I might even replace the Pirellis on our new Fiat 500 Abarth cabrio with a South Korean tire when the day comes if these impress me.
  3. 07MKXDD

    New Tires for our '07 MKX

    Thanks for your advice enigma-2. Back when we put our second set of tires on, we went with Goodyear Assurance CS Triple Tread since my wife worked for Goodyear. They were more expensive than the Michelin Latitude Tour HP we wanted but she felt she had to support "her employer". After the Goodyear folks installed the tires I started home. I didn't even make it to the highway. Darn tires made the MKX feel like each tire was going in different directions. Strangest thing I have ever felt. I turned around after less than 5 miles and went back to the Goodyear tire store. They remounted the tires and rebalanced them but there was no change. I went back and told them to put our original Michelins back on. They would not do it. Long story short, we went with the Michelins again and after waging war with Akron (Goodyear's home office), we got a full refund. This experience has made us hesitant to try other tires but money is a little tighter now-a-days so I can't see spending so much money for new Michelins even though I know they're awesome. So right now we're leaning towards Nexen's N'fera Ru5 245/60/18 at Walmart. They are listed at $111.34 each and installation is $9 per tire at our local Walmart with free rotation for the life of the tire. I just put Hankook ATM tires on my '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee by using Walmart and have been 100% satisfied with the service and tire. I saved over $300 on the Hankooks and will save $454 by going the Nexen route versus the Michelins. I know they're not Michelins but that extra money in our pocket for Christmas will be worth it. I really hate I'm not buying American made tires. I mean it burns me up but Goodyear will never get another dime from me. I will try to give an update on the Nexen tires after we get back from our beach trip. That will be a good trip to find out if they are going to cut the mustard. Cheers!
  4. 07MKXDD

    New Tires for our '07 MKX

    Hello to All. New to the site and long time owner of a '07 MKX that we bought new. Garaged always, pampered always and only 67K miles. I changed the oil today - Mobil One Extended Mileage 5w-20 oil and she sounded as smooth as the day we drove her home. While checking the tire pressures, I found a nail in the driver's side front tire. We have had two set of Michelins 245/60/18s and will be buying new tires this week since I found the nail and we have 36K miles on our current set. It is hard for me to rationalize spending near $900 on another set of Michelins with Christmas right around the corner Just wanted to know if there are recommendations out there from other owners of this fine car. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. 07MKXDD

    Welcome To Lincoln MKX Forum: 07MKXDD

    Thanks for the welcome to this site. We've owned our MKX since new and it is still one heck of a car! Changed the oil today @ 67K miles and she sounded like she did on day one. SMOOTH!!! Garage kept and pampered...always!!!