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  1. cafpaf

    Rear Lift Gate Support Struts

    Are the rear lift gate support struts adjustable in any fashion? I ask because when my deck lid closes it does so with a drop of about 4 - 6 inches from the bottom. Also, can these things be replaced and if so does anyone know the correct part number. I checked ford parts direct. com but am unsure as to which ones are for my vehicle. It is a 2017 reserve MKX. As always, thanks for the help.
  2. cafpaf

    Transmission Clunking

    I last posted here in November of last year. Here is the latest. I spoke to one of the owners of the dealership. Conversation was pleasant and he wanted to discuss it with the local Lincoln rep. Remember, I have a 2017 and have been complaining about this issue since the car had approximately 3000 miles on it. It now has 36,000. They wanted to take another look at it with their service manager and senior tech. The long and short of it is that after that review, they believe that there was not a transmission problem at all and rather the left front axle was bad. Remember, it has taken almost three years, several dealership visits to two dealers, and a trip to a independent transmission shop to find out it is the axle and not the transmission. So.... the axle was replace the next day and I have been driving the care for about a month. The good news is that the clunk is now gone. The bad news is that it still shifts with a jolt when changing gears at lower speeds. According to the service manager, they can't change the way it shifts and that is just the way it is. At a steady speed increase of decrease, it works perfectly. At speed changes between 0 and 40 the jolt is there. Although I have already spoken to a Lemon Law attorney, I am not sure that I want to go through that process. I am thinking that I will just have to put up with the problem and when the time comes just get something else. Certainly not a Ford/Lincoln product. I wish I would have leased this thing rather than buying it. If so, I would just give it back to them and move on.
  3. cafpaf

    Latest version of SYNC

    My vehicle currently has Sync Version 3.0. I just had a 2020 Nautilus loaner and it had version 3.4. Should we be updating to this version or is it just for the 2020 Nautilus. the Owner's site has version 3.0 available. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. cafpaf

    Transmission Clunking

    Well, here is the latest update on my saga with the transmission shifting with a clunk/thud/bump when accelerating and decelerating at the low speed shift points around 10, 20, 30, and 40 mph. First let me recap. This is a 2017 MKX with the standard engine non turbo. I have had it to two different dealerships now. Four visits in total. Each check with a computer shows not codes. Everything that could be reset has been done twice. Once each at two different dealerships. Prior to the last visit to the selling dealership I took the car to the independent transmission ship that they use. They checked it electronically and as expected, no codes. Then they took it for a test drive with me. The tech drove and was able to duplicate the problem. They told me that had no idea what the problem was but would need approval from the dealership to spend the time to diagnose the issue. That was not problem. One phone call from me to the owner and I had an appointment. I was feeling better. They came and picked up the vehicle (great service) and took it to the transmission shop. They had it for a week. Basically, they found nothing. According to the completed work order they found no codes, checked the fluid condition, checked shift linkage, did a non-rotational noise diagnose, and then replaced two engine mounts and transmission mount. I STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM!!! From the little I know about these thing, and I stress little, I do not see what the engine mounts and transmission mount contribute to this problem. Also, what is a non-rotational noise diagnose? I would think that they need to put it on a rack and run it through the gears and check for the noise and I do not know if this was done. I am not sure if they even opened the thing up or if that can be done. I truly like this car except for what I feel may be significant problem just waiting to happen after the warranty period. I just not sure what else can be done. I drove a 2019 for a week and candidly, I like mine better. The auto stop feature and lane keep assist that must be deactivated each time the vehicle is started does not appeal to me. Also, I am not a fan of the digital dash. The 2019 had the basic engine and I like mine more. Those are just personal issues. Both dealerships have been great with me. Pleasant, courteous, etc. I guess I could file a complaint but not sure what that would do. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. cafpaf

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    For those of you who may be interested here is the latest on my transmission. I had the vehicle back to my original dealer for an oil change and asked to have it checked once again. Again, no codes, no problem!!! I took it to a different dealer just ten minutes from my home. They also checked it out and of course no codes. However, they test drove it and the tech said that he certainly duplicated the problem. At slow speeds, 10 mph, 20 mph, 30 mph and even 40 mph as soon as you take your foot of the gas, it clunks into the next gear. Now they are going to tear down the trans and see what is wrong. Hopefully I have made some progress here. It could be something minor or it could be that I need a new transmission. I will keep you posted. I am currently driving a 2017 Black Label MKC loner. If they can get mine to shift like the MKC I will be a happy camper. As an aside, the 2.0 turbo engine in the MKC is great. Much better pickup than my 3.7 engine. Of course, it is all a matter of torque. The MKX is 278@4000 rpm and the MKC is 275@3000 rpm.
  6. cafpaf

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    Rick65inlosangele I have had all the memory cleared etc once. Still a problem. I am going to try again and if that does not work, I will wait until the most opportune time and get something else.
  7. cafpaf

    tire pressures

    Well, I have read all the posts here and even as a senior fellow I find that buying tires is like buying diamonds. I have not idea what I am really buying. My experience is that every set of new tires make the ride feel like brand new as so it is. However after 10,000 miles or so you really start to notice the difference. I must also so that here is southwestern PA I have never had a set of any brand tire last more that 28,000 to 30,000 miles. So.... based on all the information I could glean from Tire Rack, I just had a set of General Altimax RT43 tires installed. (245/50/20) Primarily I was interested in handling, ride quality, road noise, and of course tread wear. While not perfect in every category, these seem to fit the bill and as a bonus they were some of the least expensive. Now here is a question I am almost embarrassed to ask. Do recommend tire pressures vary with various brand of tires. I know that Lincoln recommends 33 psi. However, the tire shop put 36 psi in these tires. On the short drive home I did not notice any difference. However, in a day or two I am having the vehicle aligned and want to make sure that I am doing what is best for the vehicle and new tires. Your help is, as always, sincerely appreciated.
  8. cafpaf

    Transmission Clunking

    The problem occurs particularly at low speeds and in stop and go traffic. If you get the car going and quickly have to take you foot off the gas or apply the break, the transmission drops into the next lowest gear (2nd I am guessing) with a thud or a bang or whatever you want to call it. Somewhat frequently it does the same thing at around 30 mph. If you accelerate through the gears without having to slow down right away everything works great. As to an earlier comment, if I am on an grade (up in particular) it is even worse. My wife has even commented about it and nothing seems to bother her. I think she notices because her 2011 Lexus RX is nothing like this. Other than that and a deck lid that drops the lase 4" or 5" and closes with a bang, I really like the vehicle. (FYI the dealer tells me that the deck lid is just another MKX think also and I have seen several others do the same thing. The Lexus closes very smoothly and then latches.)
  9. cafpaf

    Transmission Clunking

    Walkabout, respectively I have to disagree with you. I have a 2017 Reserve with the standard engine. (non turbo). My biggest complaint with the vehicle is the transmission. Not only does it clunk loudly when shifting out of P most times, more importantly it shifts at low speed most of the time with a clunk, a thud, or a bang. I have had it looked at three times with the dealer and they tell me that after having several people drive the car, including the owner of the dealership that there is nothing wrong. It is just an "MKX thing." What nonsense!! I am a senior fellow and I have driven many vehicles over the years. Big, Small, Inexpensive, and Expensive. None have behaved like this. Our MKX has around 20K miles on it and it has been that way since we took deliver. Once, they deleted all the memory and it was OK for a week or so and then reverted to its usual ways. We also have 2011 Lexus RX with 45K miles on it and you could never tell when it shifts. Keep in mind that this occurs primarily at low speeds between 0 and 30 mph. Also it seems to be when it downshifts to a lower gear. I am so disgusted with it that I am considering getting rid of it and try something else. My only problem at this point is that I would take a significant financial hit. I think that the dealer has been great but if they can not find a problem what else can they do?
  10. cafpaf

    My newest noise

    I have the same problem. It only occurs when parking in my garage. It is bothersome, but I don't believe that anything can be done about it.
  11. cafpaf

    Warranty just about up....

    For us "uneducated" types, what is the PTU?
  12. cafpaf

    Rear Hatch Operation

    I have mentioned this before but the longer I own this vehicle the more aggravating it (and the transmission shifting issues) becomes. When I close the hatch it drops about the last four or so inches with a bang and then locks. I have never seen the "Premium SUV" or any other SUV for that matter vehicle operate in this manner. None of the vehicles my friends have operate this way nor does our 2011 Lexus RX. The dealer says, as they are want to do, that this is normal operation for the MKX. I find that difficult to believe. So.....the question is, can the travel of the rear hatch be adjusted to operate smoothly? As always, any help will be appreciated.
  13. cafpaf

    First WiFi update of sync

    What is a Google mesh system please?
  14. cafpaf

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    I have been away for a while but I thought that I would bring you up to speed for those of you who may be interested. As I expected the service folks at the dealer tell me that nothing is wrong with the transmission and this it is working normally. They say it has not produced any codes and that two people have driven it and find no problem. While I am sure that is the case when they drove it around the block, I drive it everyday and I know differently. It does not shift hard on every shift but it does so at least a dozen or so time per day. Sometime it is slight and at other times it is very hard. I am so disgusted that I am thinking of asking the dealer to buy the car back and I can move on. I really like my MKX but this is just not the way it should shift and I am very concerned about the longevity of the transmission.
  15. cafpaf

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    Thanks for the help. I should have read the manual first. I have made another appointment with the dealer and I will keep you posted.