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  1. mosh00

    Optimal Trade-In Time?

    Walt is going to like those numbers!!
  2. mosh00

    Digital Speedometer question

    I'm one of those unhappy customers. All they would have to do is flash the firmware for the gage cluster and we'd have it. Heck I'd even pay labor to have it done, but local dealer won't do it because Lincoln doesn't support it.
  3. I'd be nervous keeping this or any other modern day vehicle more than 10 years. There is no way the technology in any of today's vehicles will last 15 to 20 years. Too many points of failure and repairs are going to be expensive. Plus, you will be getting an MKX with Sync 3. I suspect a new system will be out within the next 5 years and just like Sync 2 is on life support now, Sync 3 will be in a few years. If money is an issue, I'd look towards purchasing a Select or Reserve. Or maybe even look at a loaded Edge. Then plan on trading in a few years. Just my thoughts. One other thought with the Black Labels. They are produced in limited quantities, so parts, especially interior parts with those unique colors, are going to be tough to get after they go out of production. You break an interior piece, you probably won't be able to find secondhand parts for your interior color. Heck, I went with the more limited Hazelnut interior on my Reserve and I'm even worried about that one.
  4. I can't answer that. My MKX is AWD. I've only driven AWD models. My local dealer orders all MKX's with AWD. I will say at slow speeds, having the adaptive steering is great for maneuverability. Parking is a snap. A couple quick flips of the steering wheel and you are in your spot. You don't have to crank the wheel. Nice thing now is that adaptive steering is part of the Driver Assist package. When I ordered my 2016, it was a $625 stand alone option. Mike
  5. Go with the AWD. You'll get the Lincoln Drive Control with Continuously Controlled Dampening (CCD). Much better ride and thus fits with the upscale Black Label. Also in my opinion, the Drive Assist Package is worth it. I love the adaptive cruise and collision warning features. Lane keeping, isn't that great. Adaptive Steering is very nice also. Glad I have it. https://owner.lincoln.com/how-tos/vehicle-features/dashboard-instrument-cluster/lincoln-drive-control.html
  6. mosh00

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    I have the LED lights as part of the luxury package and as walkabout stated, I see absolutely no adaptiveness with the LEDs. They don't change at all. Nothing like the Youtube video that was posted earlier today. The right LED headlight puts out more light to the side than the left LED headlight. I assume that is for lighting up the shoulder and ditch. That light pattern never changes. And of course there is the auto dimming for the high beams. That's it. You would think that if the LEDs were truly adaptive, Ford/Lincoln would have put out a promotional video on the MKX highlighting and promoting this feature. They didn't. Just a vauge mention of the LEDs being adaptive. With that said, I am very happy with the luxury package and would order it again. I love the Revel Ultima sound system and the look of the LEDs. Mike
  7. mosh00

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus

    Honestly, I don't know how these things are missed. The very first night I drove with the mirror, I noticed the flaw and was annoyed. I called the manufacturer and talked with them. That was back in 2014. After looking the mirror up today, I see no change in the design.
  8. mosh00


    I have a 2016 with the 22-way seats. Heating is fine, but there is basically no cooling in the backrest. The TSB didn't make any change to the lack of cooling. Have been told that's just how they work.
  9. mosh00

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus

    Yeah, looks like they are moving to a frameless rearview mirror. I put an aftermarket auto-dimming frameless mirror in my Ford Focus. Thought it was cool, but after it was installed, I discovered a major design flaw. While the mirror runs all the way to the edge, the photochromic functionality does not. There is a boarder that doesn't dim. When you have lights bouncing around in the mirror as you drive, the bright portion around the boarder is very distracting and annoying. Hopefully Ford/Lincoln has addressed that with their mirror. Here's the one I installed - http://mito-auto.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=193&virtuemart_category_id=35&tmpl=component
  10. mosh00

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus

    I think I am in. For the most part liking it! I agree, would have liked a few changes to the interior. Specifically a physical heated steering wheel button, memory seat for the front passenger (we have the 22-way seats and it's a pain that the passenger doesn't have memory). And yes, would love HUD. Since they are including a wireless charging pad, hopefully they will move to a wireless CarPlay connection.
  11. mosh00

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    Okay, I upgraded to version 2.3. I'm running the latest version of the Lincoln Way App (version 1.5). I see absolutely no difference with the app. So I don't know what we need to do to get the new features.
  12. mosh00

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    Okay. I will upgrade it tonight and report back. Mike
  13. mosh00

    This will be costly...

    I am so sorry! How freaky!! As Cosmos said, one in a million! Hope all turns out well.
  14. mosh00

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    Yea, the service manager said that while there was no update today, doesn't mean one will be released tomorrow. Guess we will all have to keep watching....
  15. mosh00

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    So the shop hooked the MKX up to their computer and it said all systems were up to date, so no TCU update for me. And no change in the functionality of the mobile app.