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2021 Nautilus front tire edge ware

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I have a 2021 Nautilus AWD with the twin turbo 2.7L and about 18K miles.

Both front tires have excessive inner and outer edge ware.  Center tread is normal but outer look more like 50K miles

I haven't used Sport other than testing it

Performance is set at normal.

Tires pressure has been kept at specified cold pressure on drivers door jam sticker.

Onboard tire pressure monitor has been checked against both conventional and digital gauges

Dealer checked alignment and says it is within specification.

Handling is normal and AWD totally fixes the torque steer which is why I ordered the 2021 and got rid of the 2017 MKX.


By now I'm thinking the software for the electric steering was tweeked and it is oscillating, has too narrow a dead band or some other problem.


Is anyone else experiencing this ware problem?

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Having likely rotated your Nautilus' tires two-or-three times at 18,000 miles, has the excessive inner/outer wear pattern been established on all four tires?


Good luck!

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20” or 21” wheels?

When was the last rotation?

Do the rears have the same pattern?

Thats typical of low pressure but you said you checked it so I’m at a loss.

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Tires hadn't been rotated.  At over 75 I admit I'm getting lazy.

That was what I was going to do when I noticed the wear.

Rear tires look still look close to new.

I didn't want to disturb anything before the dealer had a chance to investigate it while it was in for a right gasket on the back window.

Tire size 265/40 R21 Continental CrossContact.  3 original LX sport and a replacement CrossContact UHP my guess is due to a box knife in the sidewall.  Not the best solution.  However, that's when I found the 21 Nautilus came without a spare.  I will contact Continental and ask them if my problem is self inflected.  Tire warranty does not cover this type of problem and I was stranded in a W/M parking lot.  A detail I had forgotten till I went out to check tire size.

Rear tires do not have a ware problem and are now on the front.  Dealer did front to rear right to left.


The last 3 Lincolns have had the front ends replaced shortly after delivery due to intermittent electrical failure.  Shut off and restart the problems went away.  1 MKS & 2 MKX.


The dealer rechecked the front end and decided an alignment would help.  It's over 12K miles and 12 months so it was on me.  results attached.

front alignment 10-14-22.jpg

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Well that’s about all you can do at this point.  Maybe try running 2-3 psi higher than specified.


If it persists have a good tire shop look at it.

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