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Oct 10th 2021 just completed our "Wheel Art" project.


■ TOP SIDE - Our 2013 White MKX AWD 89K miles is complete top side.  Under the Bonnet Fluid Maint'

(Liqui Moly Engine Flushes and Special Tec oil changes, PTU oil changes, Rear Differential,Trans, Coolant, Brake and Pwr Steering changes) Replacement Stuffs (new rad hoses, belts, plugs, rear shocks, front loaded struts, awesome Michelin CROSS CLIMATE 2 tyres, an additional rear brake light incorporated in the towing apparite, interior/exterior LED's, Lincoln rear MKX bumper guard and Microlon Treated Eng-Trans-PTU-Rear Diff-Coolant/Radiator-A/C-Power Steering) Fun Warranty Stuff (drivers side window rails & motor, chrome door handle, rear driver side door internal open/close mechanism, glass roof plastic ski's, rear wheel bearing, transaxle seal, APIM, fuel vapour canister sensor)


■  NOW BOTTOM SIDES - Those horrid, dirty calipers and dingie dirty rusted rotor hats and every thing rotor out side of the pad area. Short of spending a kings ransom on Aft Mkt brake systems I discovered an affordable option.

▪︎ PLASTIC WHEEL WELL TREATMENT - scrubbed/clean, Turtle Wax Graphine Pro Flex Spray wax. Graphined treated. Marvelous clean appearance. The visual background for it all. Awesome stuff for the entire vehicle as well.

▪︎ DFC.COM - OEM stock replacement GEOSPEC/MET finished rotors. Neat silver finish superior to porous Zinc coatings that rust. These do not. This stuff lasts and boy do they look grand. Everything coated, internal vanes, tops, the rotor hats. DFC claims the coating against rust will out last the rotors life.  I purchased their rotors, ceramic pads and stainless steel bracketry kits per rotor.

▪︎ CCI CALIPER COVERS - Plantation FL. these covers look like high end authentic calipers. Brilliant design. Attaches to the stock caliper points with insane Earth Magnets.  Not the foreign junk or domestic fake looking competitors that attach on with clamps screws and bolts that fail. CCI offers 3 diff designs. You determine colour an label. We chose Platinum Silver Satin with corporate "LINCOLN" as our label. Not mechanical am I, so my Lincoln dealership mechanic installed them. Very impressed was he!  They look stupendous. Nice design feature is they direct the brake dust aft of the wheel. Even better, those front massive stock Ford calipers with the CCI covers look massively great and complement the front end "Bull Dog" look I so like. Speed tested. Buried the spedo. No issues.



2021 9-24 wickstrom inst R1 rotors CCI covers a.jpg

2021 9-24 wickstrom inst R1 rotors CCI covers g.jpg

2021 810 CCI ROTOR COVERS.jpg


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Seems like like it would have been cheaper to buy a new 2021. 🙂


I can't think of anyone ever doing as much to their car as you. Not criticism, most of us need to do more, but, ...... damn. (smile)

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