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Hello From Chicago!

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Just picked up a 2008 MKX Limited and I am enjoying it very much so. I downsized from a 2006 Cadillac Escalade that I had been working on for the better part of the last 2 years. Everything mechanical was done from all maintenance items to new transmission, diffs and all body work. The buyers offered me a deal I could not refuse so I sold it. I have always liked the look of this first gen MKX buy didn't really like all the chrome but when I saw the one I bought with the black grill, it made a big difference. Mechanically its a 9/10 with great dealer maintenance history. Body wise it is a 6/10. Definitely got a few parking lot dings and a small front fender scrape. The big issue is the front roof panel between the windshield and glass roof. It has rusted under the antenna and is letting in water. Body shop will fix that this Monday.  Outside of the body work that I will get done over the next few months, I plan on upgrading the stock navigation and fixing the lumbar support in the drivers seat as it seems like the bag is popped. The only other item I want to fix right away is the passenger headlight is letting in condensation and the projector bulb looks crooked in the housing. I see plenty of headlight assemblies but since I have the Limited, I cannot seem to find one with the etched Lincoln logo. I think It would drive me crazy if I did not replace it with the same one. I will scan through the pages here to see if I can find anything otherwise I will make a post on it. I was very active in my Cadillac forums and know the drill :). I look forward to learning and sharing on this forum. 





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