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Radio reset?

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Just cam back from annual servicing and noticed that the radio no longer displayed HD on the main screen or center stack (and didn't sound quite right). There was no servicing of the radio system, but did note that some settings (eg seat) had changed 

I recall reading about a technique for resetting the radio, but can't recall the sequence of button pushes, and had no luck searching the forum for same. Any of you wizards recall the proper incantation?


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Sounds like the mechanic disconnected the battery and screwed up sync.


HARD RESET (complete reset, erases all user data).

1. Press the PHONE hard button.

2. Select the ‘Settings’ tab on the touchscreen.

3. Select ‘Advanced’.

4. Scroll using the seek buttons on the touchscreen and select ‘Master Reset’.

5. SYNC will ask you to confirm. Press 'YES' to continue.

6. SYNC will confirm when the master reset is complete.



Press the radio power and FF buttons at the same time until the screen goes blank.  It will then restart. 

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