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Drive, Park, etc and Camera Selections ONLY light when pressed!

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Since our service last Thursday the Lights for the Drive, Park, etc and also the selection to get to the camera set of icons are only on when the car is running but only the one selected. So if we want to go from Drive to Reverse we need to remember their positions! How do we turn these back on! They used to be great! 

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What got serviced?

(Do you trust your dealer)?

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A somewhat off-topic anecdote regarding dealer trustworthiness: Several years ago, I became suspicious that an auto dealer in SW Oregon was charging for services that were not performed. I took my vehicle in for an oil & filter change, parking the car on a gravel surfaced lot with a small stone (painted with a dot of fingernail polish) lodged under one of the tires. When informed that the service was finished I first checked the vehicle's location and noted that the car had never been moved and then confronted the dealership's management with a refusal to pay. I collected my keys and departed without payment, never to return again. Shortly thereafter, I moved from the vicinity to another state. However, I read a newspaper article months later relating that the same dealer had relocated to the Seattle vicinity, was busted for defrauding customers, and forced into bankruptcy.

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All add to this, got a load of bad gas. (Back in the 80's).


Took the car to local Chevy dealer. He had to drop tank and clean it out, all the way to the carb. Think he charged me in  the neighborhood of $600, mostly labor but new filters ect. (Gas station killed several cars and the owner closed and moved away, never to be seen again). 


Anyway, got the car back and it stalled while driving around town. Tried to restart and battery dead. (Fairly new battery).


Called and talked to the service manager and he told me to have it towed in and the would take a look at it. I was boiling. I told him that either he told me what he did to stop the battery from charging or I would come down there and kick the ×÷=/ outta him, all over his service department.


Long silence, then he told me to look under a specific clamp where the charge wire had almost been cut through. And there it was, still connected by two strands, enough to pass a little charge, but not enough to keep the battery charged. Called a friend and he came with wire crimps, strippers, and tape. After the jump it ran ok. Told everyone I could and several told me they also had been cheated by this dealer. 


As for the current Ford dealer where I go, few years ago I had a new service representative check my car in and immediately go and check the tires. (They were like new). Checked the wiper blades (they were new, two days). But he miraculously discovered that my rear wiper blade was worn and needed replacing. (Two days old). I smiled and told him no, and then talked to the owner.


The service rep wasn't there the next time I went in. Poor guy had no idea how to hustle customers. 


Point is, EVER dealer looks to upcharge. It our responsibility to know what to watch for. (Love the stone trick. Ingenious).




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