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Hello from Texas! New 2017 Black Label owner!

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I just recently picked up a 2017 MKX Black Label, 2.7T AWD fully loaded, tech package, multi contour massaging seats, everything! Coming from an older MKZ Hybrid, which while I loved, was unfortunately starting to show its age, I was starting to need something a little bit less cramped (could barely fit a large suitcase in that trunk!). While I'm a huge fan of hybrid and electric cars, I just could not find one that paired the amount of comfort, quality, and luxury I wanted, that was in my price point. Plus buying in mid-late 2020, I was able to take advantage of super high trade in values, and that 1.9 APR promo direct from Lincoln!


Only 25k on the odo, and still looks and smells BRAND new. Previous owner never even peeled the sticker off the trunk that shows you where the trunk release button is, and I think I might continue to keep it there lol.


I've been staring at Black Labels since they were first introduced, and im super stoked to actually call one my own. This car is the perfect size for me, and now no longer need to rent a truck when I need to pick something up thats larger a couple duffle bags.


My only complaint is I wish it got better MPG (only averaging 18 at the moment), but I partially attribute that to my heavy foot with that fun 2.7T!


Love the look and style of the car. Honestly, I'm more of a fan of this "winged eagle" Lincoln grille design (or even the older "waterfall" grill), rather than the new "generic" looking grille. Looks so much smoother and elegant, but thats just my opinion.




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