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SYNC - No Option for Incoming Calls

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I recently purchased a 2011 Lincoln MKX with the MyLincoln Touch and the 2nd generation SYNC 2 Services & App system.


The mobile device I’m using is an iPhone 8 with the most recent IOS (IOS version 13.3.1).


When I receive incoming calls I DO NOT get the iPhone, Speaker, SYNC on-screen pop-up option on my mobile device (please see attached/posted picture).


It works fine on outgoing calls, I dial the number and the on-screen pop-up option is displayed on my mobile device. 


Correct me if I’m wrong - When your mobile device is connected to your vehicle system ... the SYNC option is the default setting on both incoming and outgoing calls (the SYNC option is confirmed by a check mark  - see attached/posted picture). 


At times, incoming calls will connect via SYNC, at other times it will connect via iPhone. It will also connect via iPhone then after a second or two, automatically go to SYNC. There is no consistency and no on-screen pop-up option at all. 


When I initially set-up my mobile device, this option always popped up on BOTH incoming and outgoing calls.


Something changed, be it, an incompatible iPhone update or a setting on either my iPhone device or  in car SYNC system. I am baffled and can’t figure it out. 


I’ve tried:


Master reset on in car SYNC system.

Disconnecting my iPhone from the in car SYNC system and reconnecting on numerous occasions. 


Please note, my in car SYNC system has not been updated for years. I contacted Lincoln and they indicated that because the SYNC in car system hasn’t been updated for a number of years (multiple updates), I must go to the dealership to update all the previous updates individually as previous updates are not available online. I’m told that I’m not able to go from an old, old, old version (last updated in 2013) to the current update (version 3.10). I’m not sure how accurate or correct this information is. My Lincoln dealer was not aware of this version update process. They believed that the current update could be updated on the vehicle’s SYNC system regardless of what version was currently on the system. I’ve yet to try the current version 3.10 update on my SYNC system that currently has a version from 2013.


Regardless, I’m not sure whether a SYNC in car system update will fix the problem I’ve noted-above. 


Like I previously mentioned, the on screen pop-up option did display on my mobile device when I originally set up my mobile device. Something happened thereafter. 


Does anyone have any suggestions?





Victoria , BC, Canada




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Could be the bluetooth on the phone - have you tried a different phone?

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I just tried a different phone. It does the identical thing noted above in my original post. 

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When you say you disconnected the phone from sync, do you mean you deleted it and the re-paired it?  If not try that.   Also check the options under the bluetooth sync connection while connected.


Finally, try either pulling the sync fuse or just disconnect the battery cable for a few minutes to do a hard reset on everything. 


If none of that works then it might be the APIM.

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