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Memory mirrors don't work with keyfob

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If I open the door with my keyfob in my pocket, the car adjusts the wheel and seat to my settings, but it aims the mirror downward. If I put the car in park and hit the "2" button (my settings), the mirror goes to the correct position. Or if I leave the mirror down, drive, and park, the next time I approach the car and start it up, the mirror will go to the correct position. But if my wife drives with her fob, the whole thing starts over again the next time I get in. I found someone that experienced this on their 2017 MKZ, but I haven't been able to find anything on the MKX.


I'm planning to take the car in to the get the stuck rear cupholder replaced and I'm wondering if I should have them address this, or if it'd be a waste of diagnostic dollars.

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I remember others with that issue but don't remember the resolution.   Absolutely mention it and let them check it.  There might be a TSB on it.

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