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Retrofitting Heated Steering Wheel to 2013 MKX

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I want to retrofit the non-heated steering wheel in my 2013 MKX with a heated wheel.


I know that the wiring is there (at least in the steering column) , and the appropriate bits to flip with Forscan and I've sourced the appropriate replacement clockspring and heated steering wheel module (HSWM)

Where is the alloted location of the Heated Steering Wheel Module (HSWM) on a 2013 Lincoln MKX?

I *think* it's mounted on the passenger side, inside the dashboard above the glovebox, on a cross-member just above the cabin air filter access.

It may or may not be mounted to that cross-member with a bracket. I've attached a photo of where I *think* it goes.

Looking for a picture of the Module in situ and the part number of the bracket, if there is one.


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