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Tire pressure sensors

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July this year coming back on a 3K mile trip I got a low tire pressure alarm.

About 38K total miles

All 4 tires were under 27 PSI.

Got back home and found a small nail in the tire that alarmed.

Inner tread was down to cords.

My fault for ignoring the tire pressure

The other tires had advanced ware due to low pressure and were replaced with Goodyear Assurance Weatherready


A swag is it cost me about 10K miles of tire ware.


Sept all tires were low (30 PSI) again and returned to 33 to 34 PSI


two days ago same thing again, but this time one of the Schrader valves wouldn't reseal after gauging untill I put some air in.


BTW the tire monitor has been same as gauge pressure all along.  It seems to have 1/2 PSI increments.


Schrader valves are cheap.  Looks like I will be replacing them.


Heads up!!

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In addition to the swag of "about 10K miles of tire ware" (sic wear) was the expense of additional fuel running on underinflated tires.

And, checking tire pressure (or adjusting air to desired PSI) should be done when tires are cold...exceptions may be appropriate, of course. 

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