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compass module

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where is the compass module on these cars. its not behind the mirror like other fords. Is it inside the mirror itself or maybe in the dash. Either way I 've got the calibration error that will not away

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The compass module is integrated into the auto-dimming interior mirror.  Its incorporated into the "Auto Dimming, Interior Mirror Unit module.

Uses terminal #6 (+) gray with blue stripe and #7 (-) blue with gray stripe.


As far as calibration error, make certain you have adjusted for the compass ZONE.

1. Start the engine. 

   NOTE: The top of the message center must be blank. Do not select Trip, DTE, or AFE. 

2. Press the message center switch INFO button repeatedly until the compass and the odometer are displayed in the message center. 
3. Determine which magnetic zone you are in for your geographic location. (the map is in the owners manual).

4. Press and hold the RESET button until RESET FOR ZONE is displayed in the message center. 
5. Release the RESET button and slowly press the RESET button down again. 
6. Press the SETUP button repeatedly until the correct zone setting for your geographic location is displayed. 
7. Press and release the RESET button to exit the zone setting mode and lock your individual zone. 

Then calibrate the compass.

   NOTE: For optimum calibration, drive to an open, level location away from large metallic objects or structures. Switch off all non-essential electrical accessories (rear window defrost, heater, A/C, map lamps, wipers, etc.) and make sure all doors are closed. 

1. Start the vehicle. 
2. Press the RESET button until RESET FOR CAL is displayed in the message center display. 
   NOTE: This takes up to 3 circles to complete calibration. 

3. Slowly drive the vehicle in a circle at no more than 5 km/h (3 mph) until CIRCLE SLOWLY TO CALIBRATE changes to CALIBRATION COMPLETE in the message center. 
4. The compass is now calibrated. 

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