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Well i've had the 08 for a few months, i don't do a lot of night driving. Most of what I do drive is in town and in traffic so high beams are  just a flick now and then. 


Well this morning i was on my way in and a few minutes early i turned on the road and no traffic!! which is a minor miracle in itself. well i was surprised at how dark the road was and at the fact i couldn't see anything except a lonely read light in the distance. I flicked the high beams on!!! Holy material. its like somebody switched to color TV bright white and yellow line stretching a half mile or more in front of me and tree and bushed lining the road sign posts in the median it was sll there.


After fighting with poor illumination only last lincoln (pre HID mark 😎 This is really amazing the combination of height and the projector lights being aimed correctly is amazing.


The only issue is the light while ample is decidedly yellowish. I'm really happy with the more white or blue white on my wife's suv. Is there a bulb swap that will give me that color/intensity that works with the stock units in the 08 MKX?


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