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Rear Axle Carrier application question

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I have a 2013 (9/13 manufacture date) MKX with S-154-A (DT4W-4000AB) differential assembly/axle carrier with axle code 3F (which I think means it has a 3.39:1 gear ratio) that has failed pinion bearing/gear. Will a 2015 S-162-A (F2GW-4000AA) fit if I replace the 6 bolt input flange with the older 4 bolt input flange from the S-154-A and replace the later aluminum brackets with the earlier stamped steel. Oh,  and what numbers must match on the diff label/bar code to avoide needing a reflash of the 4X4 module? 

Much thanks. I have been researching a lot, but am still a little vague on the significance of the numbers


Attached pics of both the existing diff tag and the potential donor tag for comparison. Thanks

existing diff tag.jpg

IMG_3937 (2).PNG

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it turned out to solve the problem?

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