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Complete Sync3 Upgrade Kit

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If anyone here is interested in swapping out their Sync 2 for a Sync 3 with navigation unit, let me know. I just removed my Sync 3 unit from my 16 MKX before trading it in. Car originally came with Sync2 (just for clarification).


It is in perfect condition and I have the Apple Car Play usb port, and GPS antenna to go along with it. Sync 3 is running the latest v3.0 operating system. It is programmed with all factory options enabled (22w seats, cameras...)


Asking $725 + shipping





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I am interested but I need to know more about how to swap these out. Is there instructions online or did you have the dealer do this service for you?

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I did it myself actually.  I can step you through the whole process.  There is only a couple things that are a little difficult to pop out.  When I removed it from my 16 the night before trading it in, it took me about 2.5 hours start to finish to unscrew/remove what was needed to be removed and then pop in the new unit and put everything back together.


I can write up the steps needed to install it, as it is fresh in my head


I did take some pictures one time, but I just need to find them.


Let me know if you are interested



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