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Mirror Tap for 2017 MKX Black Label for Radar Detector

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Just got a Blendmount to attach my radar detector to the rear view mirror, and also got the Mirror Tap from the same company to power the RD from the cord that supplies power to the mirror.  Managed to get the top piece of plastic off the RVM mount, but then I saw two wires with molex-like plugs.  One has like 5 wires in it (1 black, 2 yellow, and can't recall the other two colors).  The other has more wires, maybe 10 (didn't accurately count).  Assumed the one with 5 wires was for the mirror, and the other one was for the sunroof/shade/camera for collision warning etc).


Would someone be able to guide me as to which of these wires is the +12 volt switched one and which is ground?  Followed the instructions in the manual, and first tried to find ground using the continuity setting on my multimeter.  No dice.  Tried using the Mirror Taps themselves to plug into the front of the molex plug, and none of them were grounded.  Used both the screw by the firewall near the brake, and the ground in the engine bay near the battery.  I then tried what I saw VortexRadar do, and tried to MirrorTaps with multimeter set to DC voltage, to see if any of them with accessory on went to ~ 12V.  No luck here either.  So time for bed, and hoping someone (Enigma-2?) could help guide me.


Thanks in advance.

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Well thanks to YouTube, I found the answer!



All set up now, working perfectly.

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