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Brand New MKX Whistles at 25 to 45MPH

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As an avid Ford/Lincoln lover I finally convinced my wife to turn in our 2016 Audi Q3 and get a more luxurious car with room. We purchased a beautiful Ruby Red 2018 MKX with the Cappuccino interior. Upon the short test drive before we bought we did not hear the whistle as we were talking to the sales rep. Now it whistles all the time and my local dealer has had 3 techs listen to the issue but they are stumped. I was wondering if anyone has hear about this issue. I did put the car in neutral at 40 and pulse the throttle and the whistle varied in pitch with the engine. Strangely enough while parked revving the engine does not product the sound. I want my wife to love her new Lincoln as it was a hard sell to convince her that European cars are nice but not as luxurious and comfortable as Lincoln. She would be truly happy without the sound. Any help would be appreciated.



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