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Revving when coming to stop

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I took delivery of a new 2017 Lincoln MKX Reserve 2.7L MKX recently.  It had 500 km at the time.  


I've noticed that on a very regular basis when driving and then coming to a stop the engine revs between 500-1000 RPM for anywhere from 10-30 seconds before settling down.  The engine has fully reached operating temperature and I'm running in Comfort mode most of the time.  


Looking to confirm if anyone else with the 2.7L has experienced this behaviour and consider it normal or had it looked at with a dealer service department and if there was a successful resolution. 


Outside of this particular issue and the high headlight issue I've been very much enjoying the 2017 Lincoln.  We traded in our 2015 Genesis Sedan and are very pleased with the comfort and power of the MKX.  



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