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Upgrading audio

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Hey all, I recently bought an mkx and I love it, with one exception. I bought online, the car was advertised as having premium audio which was incorrect. The dealership is open to solutions, I just need to find out how to get it done correctly and price it out.


Anyone have any insights on upgrading audio? Ideally I’d be able to have the THX II installed or the newer Revel system both which were designed for Lincoln. I want a whole single system not an unbalanced combination of differing components.


I appreciate any help!




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Might be cheaper to trade the vehicle. Does it at least have myfordtouch? If not then adding the Revel system is probably out of the question. Adding the THX system may be possible but it has a lot of external amps and all new speakers. You’d probably be better off just doing a nice aftermarket system for half the cost.

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If I understand you correctly, the dealer is willing to swap out the existing audio of your MKX and savage a premium system from the lot.


I have the THX (gen one) and have no complaints. Just make certain the swap the amp in back and all speakers.


If not, i say they need to build you a new one as they breached the build order (which is a binding contract) - (probably dealer error, but s

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