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2017 Lincoln MKX, where do I start. The numbers are coming.in.

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      OK I have used lots of your suggestions. We have decided on all the extras. 2017 Lincoln Reserve FWD 2.7L V6 GTDI, 6-sp auto.  Extras as follows: EXT: White Platinum 695; Tech Pkg 1720: Driver. Asst Pkg 2250; INT: Hazelnut Seats 375; Cargo Utility Pkg. 365; Climate Pkg 620; All Weather Floor Mats 120; 22-Way Fr Seats 1500 (ouch); Revel Audio with 13 Spkrs 1155.


      The Dealer came down 4.75 % off MSRP with another $500 bucks, maybe yes, maybe no, their offer not mine. I have yet to make an offer. I don't want to nit pick the extras so it's probably best to leave them alone and go after the total price.


      I could sell my Kia for more then the dealers offered but need to look into how the sales tax works.  It's really high in Washington St.


     Any Ideas you folks have let me know. I can't order it till I buy it I guess they are saying eight to ten weeks.   


     When the deal is done I will tell you the final numbers.     Stay Tuned, Nose Bleed

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