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  1. nitti48

    Defrost of Side Windows

    I have just leased a 2014 Lincoln MKX and am having issues with the Defrost of the side windows..When I googled the problem I see people with 2014 Edges are having the same problems..quite a few..It was mentioned by one gentleman that he took his Edge back to the dealer and the reprogrammed his Control Module..Is it advisable for me to take bake to Dealer..Wuld they know about the reprogramming of the Control Module..Spendinh high monthly payments and problems already
  2. nitti48

    RearView Camera

    I recently leased a 2014 Lincoln MKX..I just Love the SUV but because I did not get a more expensive option pkg I did not get a RearView Camera just the rear sensors...From what anyone knows is it possible to have a camera istalled(factory) after the fact..I have no Nav system either..Just wondered if 1 could be installed using the touch screen..After all it does have the inputs for 1 video and 2 audio where the usb ports are and the sd card..Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I had a 2012 Edge Limited before and it had the Nav and rear camera..Just got so used to it..now i miss it...Thanks for reading