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  1. Mojojellybean26

    Sync Update Problems

    Sorry jim I checked and I do have sync 3 but version 1.so I guess it’s just version that needs updating . I was doing some reading on this and I m wondering if usb port needs to be updated . Dealership is telling me it needs to be changed out to get apple car play . Mb this is part of issue. Any information you have would help for sure
  2. Mojojellybean26

    Sync Update Problems

    I just purchased a 2016 Lincoln MKX two weeks ago. The sync system is currently 1.0 . I have tried updating via wifi and through usb. (Many many times with different wifi and usb and following steps to letter) I have also walked through updates with two different Lincoln advisors and it will not update . I have spent 6 plus hours on the phone with Lincoln and Ford and been passed from Canada to the USA and back again. No one seems to know how to update system to Sync 3. The car is compatible for this upgrade that much I know. I finally gave up trying to update this myself and called the local dealer who quoted me $500 for an SD drive to update system. He then called back to say he was unsure whether this will work or not! He is doing more research he says. Like how can no one in this company know how to update this system!! I am beyond frustrated. I spent 35k on a car and I can’t use maps, etc. Anyway has anyone in Canada been able to update their sync? If so how????