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  1. Recently bought a 2015 Lincoln MKX, where I am preemptively doing the water pump so I can have some peace of mind for the next couple of years. The 2015 is running Sync 2 (have to check which version, website thinks its 3.8). I noticed that the ambient lighting, while working perfectly across the cupholders and footwells and properly changing colors, doesn't work in the doors. The ONLY color that the doors can display is Blue. Changing to light blue, or purple, simply changes the brightness of the blue. Red, white, green, orange - simply show nothing on the doors. The doors do not change color when opened either, but I am unsure that the 2015 MFT system does that - as my as-built data doesn't show that as an option at all. What should I start looking at to try to narrow this issue down? Or is this how the ambient lighting is meant to function on this model year?
  2. @Haz would you mind sharing the wiring diagram from the dimmer buttons by the headlight switch if you have it? A new symptom kicked in today. Dimming the interior lights, entirely deactivates the ambient lighting. Whether it's set to ON or OFF in MFT - they all just don't turn on. Have to raise brightness back to full, and then let car entirely shut down and restart. Then my blue ambient lighting is back lol. Just want to see what role that switch plays with this.
  3. Can confirm - for me when I open the door during the daytime my ambient lighting turns on, onto the custom setting set in MFT. Not white. When it does this - everything functions the same (doors are blue, everything else is the custom set Purple). I reached out to the previous owner, and he said this just randomly started happening once. He just set his ambient color to Blue and never thought about it again. Should have a USB to OBD wire in tomorrow, and water pump done by Thursday. Will then get into Forscan and see what's set there for the lighting.
  4. Thank you so much for this. This is definitely a starting point to try to narrow things down. I can comment that when it's night time, my ambient lighting does not react to the door being opened/closed. However when it is daytime, and I open a door, my ambient lighting turns on and then turns off. I will have to confirm, but I believe it turns on using the setting in MFT, and not default white. Will need to play with it. I also wonder if it has anything to do with the car having only a MyKey, and no Admin Keys currently. Have to go get new keys programmed after the water pump and see if that changes any behavior.