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  1. Jim P

    Clock malfunctioning

    Your battery might be starting to die… have it load tested if it’s the original equipment. Does remote start work? It’s usually the first feature to go… as battery goes…. Good luck!
  2. Jim P

    Sync Update Problems

    Please check your SYNC version again. Should be 3.0. However, I agree with you it should be updated thru SYNC 3.4 when you took delivery. (Computer can’t handle Sync 4.0) Mine wasn’t either. I called Lincoln US and Canada for help. They want me to buy the update at the dealership. $100 US for Sync update, $500 US for five year subscription for map updates. Please check out eBay, they might have a USB solution for you. I’m going to pursue it… stay tuned. (I can’t recommend yet)
  3. Jim P

    Transmission jerks when shifting

    Mine clunks between first and second gears, at low RPM, in the parking lot. Not sure how to fix? I’ll try changing the ATF and go from there. Good luck.
  4. Jim P

    How do I update the maps?

    Is there any way to get the navigation maps updated? I’m running into situations where roads have been rerouted so the navigation system is thinking that I’m “off course”. Thanks…