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  1. So I just left the dealer. They said they would probably end up just referring me to a body shop for a water leak (they never looked at the car yet). I asked about checking the ac drain line, he came back and said that my car doesn’t have one. He said it recircs the water back to the evap box.
  2. I just checked the sunroof drainage and it does drain normally, by the a pillar. weirdly enough, the key fob issue has resolved itself on its own.
  3. I saw your thread, I tried checking it but no water came out. You just pulled out on the rubber door seal, so the water could come out from the fastener hole, right? Could you also hear water in the door when you would shake it open and close? Because I didn’t hear any and when I pulled the seal out like that, no water came out. I’m thinking it’s the ac drain that’s clogged.
  4. Trying to investigate if the ac drain line clogged but having hard time locating where it is. I just moved and don’t have my jack or tools here yet.
  5. About the water:.: Just found this by the windshield. The green is where it’s flush and the red is where it’s not normal and not flush. But it seems like it’s not the actual seal that’s not flush and that it’s just the plastic part that meets the seal. Not sure if this is it but definitely seems abnormal.
  6. thanks for the reply. For the moonroof, would it matter if I haven’t opened it in awhile? I’m pretty sure the water came in the last few days during a bad storm. I haven’t used the moonroof in over a month probably. this morning I went to get my battery checked. Everything tested good on it. But weird thing, as I was leaving the parts store.. the air pressure indicator came back (and the fault went away) and both key fobs worked again. Even weirder, 5 minutes later they stopped working. does the key fob communicate with the modem? Because I’m just remembering that my Lincoln way app hasn’t updated my cars location in over a month. Possibly bad modem?
  7. Within 24 hours, these issues have arose... 1 (last night). got a light on the dash that the key fob battery was low. Replaced the batteries, worked once, then didn’t work again. Same with the spare. Neither work now. I triple checked that I put them in the right way. Just bought them new. 2 (today). I got a tire pressure fault warning and it won’t display my tire pressure now. 3 (today). I noticed a large amount of water on the front passenger floor. I heard it sloshing before I saw it. I got home and checked and the floor was soaked. I saw a few posts on here and I checked the door jam seals and everything seems intact. Really weird and a bad 24 hours.