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  1. Hi, I'm looking for help on replacing the PASSENGER side blend door actuator on a 2013 MKX. I've seen lots of online videos and discussions on replacing the DRIVER side actuator, and they usually mention in passing that the passenger side one is behind the glove box. I took the glove box off and lo and behold, sure, there is the actuator. I can get just barely get at 2 out of 3 screws for it, but I see no way to get at the 3rd screw without taking off a lot of interior panels. I started down this road blindly pulling off panels. I got the glove box trim off finally, thinking this would be the last one I needed to get at. However, there's a thick plastic frame that's still in the way (and a metal bar for good measure too). Inspecting this, it looks to me like I'd need to take off the entire dash to get this frame structure out of the way. Is that the correct way to get at this actuator? Is there some trick I"m missing? I had the thought of just drilling a hole through the plastic frame roughly lined up with the screw. Anyone tried that? My fear there is I'd be drilling blind, with no guarantee it's going to line up with the screw. I fear that this fix might be out of my skill set. Thanks,. Dave