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  1. Issue was that I could hear the rear brakes grinding when first driven everyday. Also after being parked for a longer time, the SUV pads would stick in place and the car would literally have to be broken free, when moved forward or backwards. I pulled the wheels off and found one pad (on the piston side) worn down and the other pad was like new. So I assumed that the little pins were seized (under the bellows) and that the piston force was not being transferred to both sides of the disk. Upon disassembly, I found this was not the issue...pins were free and well lubricated. So I checked this forum and found no other posted issues with other solutions (there might be somewhere...) so I thought that I would just put in new pads and the problem wold be fixed. I bought the pads with the grease and spring/clip kit. When I assembled the pads, I noticed the pads fit very tightly into the new clips...so I removed the clips and cleaned the caliper grooves very well, but still found the pads very tight when reassembled. So, as a typical male, I thought I would just file the pads to fit looser in the clips and that is when I noticed that the pads and clips were not square...they have a notched shoulder on them...so I took the time to ensure that they were oriented properly and the fit was 100% better...still a little friction but no longer any binding...put it all back together with high temperature grease and the brakes are working fine....