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    SYNC 3 screen blacks out or freezes

    To update my situation - dealer agreed to replace the entire system - and I said "let me turn off the auto update and see what happens on the long term". It has not happened again, no matter what key/fob is used. And that has been a year. I am not turning on the auto update again. So, I have issues with the tailgate door also. More than once, I have tried to close it using the inside steering wheel area button & it goes part way down and stops like it thinks something is "blocking" it. I go back and there is nothing to trigger that reaction and I shut it by hand - no problem. If the door EVER opens on its own - I will trade it in as that is an absolute deal-breaker for me... oddly though, I remember being at the dealer during one of my visits and there was a couple having the same tailgate issue (auto opening) with a different model of Ford/Lincoln.
  2. 2019 Nautilus and within a week of ownership - 90% of the time that i start the car at home one of the following happens: the SYNC screen sometimes goes completely black - except when I stop and then the back up cameras pop up. Sometimes, the back up cameras stay on while I am driving down the road. Sometimes, the screen freezes, except for the gps map which shows my location as I drive, but the temp and time is frozen - but I can still change the heat (just the number on the screen doesnt change). The radio volume can be adjusted but the station cant be changed - and if the radio was off the last time the car was shut off - I cant turn it on (and the other way also - cant turn if off). It happens away from the house very rarely and Dealer cant replicate but I have taken it to them while its not working so they do understand. They ultimately replaced the APIM. Good for a week. I had to reset the Lincoln Way app because of the new part - and installed the phones. And selected the Auto Update with wifi access and I am right back where I started - with a non working SYNC screen. I can do the reset (volume button, +-) away from the house and it will reset and usually work from there on out. The dealer "computer" doesnt show any error messages so the next appointment - I am bringing the car in with a bad screen (not hard to do) - and leave it running. I am starting to think its the wifi access and or Auto update. I manually clicked on the sync to do an update scan - and it just couldnt do it thru the wifi even though it is seen - and it spins and spins. I let it scan for updates through my phone using the Lincoln App and it seemed to be fixed for a couple cycles. Then its back again. I turned off all the wifi, updates, etc and it seems to work. Of course, I thought I had it figured out before - and then it fails when I thought I had already eliminated the situation. I think it might fail away from home on occasion because I allow sync to look for open wifi - and do an auto update.. and perhaps I am near a wifi. It fails significantly less away from home. I have done trial and error for hours and its hard to get a consistent cause/effect but I am growing weary. Anyone else have this issue?