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    Oerheat Incident

    The service paper work states the retrieved codes were po120 and p1299. Inspected cooling system--all ok: coolant level is ok: performed key on engine off tests--passed. Let engine run in shop-- cooling fan operation is normal----no overheating at this time. Performed final quick test and road test----all ok: no problem found at this time.
  2. DoJo

    Oerheat Incident

    I had the luxury of riding down the interstate in a truck hauling my 2019 Nautilus (5600mi on the ticker) just last week. My experience was a little different. We had been driving all morning with no problems. Stopped for lunch and headed out again. After driving for about an hour I noticed the temp. gauge was blue and indicated cold. In a few minutes the color changed to yellow and gauge went back up to normal. In a few minutes the gauge went blue again for a short time before going back to normal and then boom the message on the dash said engine overheating, stop the engine. I quickly got off onto the shoulder and shut the engine off. Called roadside. After a lot of back and forth and fumbling around we were able to establish my location and they dispatched a tow service. We sat on a very busy interstate for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Even after all this time sitting the gauge indicated hot when it was driven up onto the truck. Thankfully we only had to be hauled about 40 miles to our next destination where we had a hotel reservation and there was a local lincoln dealership. This was a Sunday so the car had to be dropped in the lot and the key deposited in a box. I contacted the dealership the next morning and was told they might be able to get to my car that afternoon or the next day. The dealership called me late that afternoon informing me that they couldn't find a thing wrong even though it did throw a couple of codes. Coolant was fine, thermostat and cooling fan functioning normaly. I procured the hotel room for another night and picked up the car the next day. They said if they had to make a guess, it might be a "sender" problem. So basically, I'm 400 miles from home, no solution to the problem only a guess. The unspoken message that I got was "here's your key, we don't know what the problem is and good luck getting home"! So off I go with a disabled husband, a crippled up old dog and drove with my fingers crossed all the way home. We made it but there was one time for a gas stop when the temp. gauge was wonky again. The stop was short enough to put 12 gallons of gas in the tank and upon starting the engine the gauge was cold and stayed cold for about .2 of a mile so I whipped into a parking lot, put it in park and revved the engine a bit for about a minute until the gauge went to normal. So now what the heck am I supposed to do? I have a $50,000+ car with intermittent malfunctions that I can't depend on and can't drive any distance with confidence that I won't get stranded again. This is my 3rd lincoln since 2014 and I'm seriously thinking it will be my last. Since I'm in self quarantine for another week I'm going talk to my dealership and see what solutions they have. Still sitting with my fingers crossed : (
  3. Greetings I'm a former MKC owner who moved up to the MKX last August. I loved driving the MKC but after a couple of trips to the south, we decided it was just too small for cargo and leg room. The MKX is perfect for our needs. What brought me to this forum was a seach for info regarding a headlight system message. Having previously been a member of the MKC forum I knew I could probably get answers here quicker than from the dealership. My dealership is terrific but many times input from other owners is quite beneficial.