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  1. Pirelli Scorpion Zero all season plus is avail from tirerack, prob is you will get less out of those than the oem but they will be great for the 1st 10k mi...  My oems have 33k on them and agree, noisy as heck..  Been through this drill with 3 mkx's and 2 navigators with Pirelli's, always try for the Michelin's 2nd set.

  2. Love the new rearview mirror ; ; ; love the darkend tail light array, the nose I personally think Lincoln is making a huge mistake making all the vehicles the same.


    Not a fan of the moving fan blade style wheels the direction the entire line is showing...  The new cluster will prob be like the '18 Nav which will be sweet.

  3. Man sorry to hear, that suuuuuucks.  If it were mine I would get the best touch up for the paint nicks and wet send afterwards...  Since the paint is so new it can be done and never even be noticed afterwards since the nicks are quite small...



  4. This is at least the 10th time my '16 MKX has been at the dealer over the last 2 yrs, this time back for a crunching/creaking noise coming from the left front strut they replaced about 2k mi ago for an adaptive suspension error on the dash..  Have a '17 MKX FWD 3.7 stripper model again. Not a single option on the sticker in the glovebox, 39.5k.  Going from a maxed out Reserve 2.7 AWD its a real downer...  The leatherette blows.  The only thing I like is the Sync 3 AA support, can totally use that over the fac navi.