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  1. 2017 Black MKX, brand new. I have taken it through a touchless car wash twice - each time the results are not all that great. Clearly, there's leftover dirt. I'm concerned about using a soft-cloth car wash service, but maybe I'm worrying over nothing. Any ideas?
  2. sreeve29

    Husky liner floor mats are available

    Any more observations from anyone? Just got my '17 MKX and still don't know which way to go: WT or Husky. Looking for any suggestions.
  3. sreeve29

    Opinion on Speaker Options - Ordering soon

    I am going through similar decisions with a potential purchase of a 16 MKX. I did listen to a standard audio vs the 13-speaker Revel system and the latter did sound better - I think I would opt for it given the choice of the two. However, I am researching an aftermarket mod to the standard audio (adding my own amp and sub perhaps) so all in all, I'll probably go with the standard.
  4. Can the roof rack/rails etc. and Vista sunroof coexist on the 2016 MKX?
  5. Thinking about purchasing a 2016 MKX. No Revel system. I've made some calls to local audio/aftermarket shops (to see about possibly adding my own amplifier and/or speakers in the future) and they want to know if there's a separate amplifier already in place. Anyone know if there are line-level outputs available for use in the stock headunit? Anyone have a list of full audio specifications? Any other datapoints? Thanks in advance.