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#15265 Nautilus First Impressions

Posted by Bad tone on 21 November 2018 - 08:09 AM

So I've had my Nautilus for a whopping five days now, and I have to say it is an improvement, albeit minor, over my 2016 MKX. of course my 2016 was an early build so it had MLT instead of Sync3, and it was FWD so it didn't have the adaptive suspension. The Nautilus is a Reserve 2,7 AWD with Driver Assistance.


The NVH is greatly improved over the 2016; some of this may be due to the tires which are Continental CrossContact LX on the Nautilus and are very quiet and smooth. Overall the Nautilus is extremely quiet in the cabin and the ride with the adaptive suspension is all I could ask for. 


The new steering wheel control buttons are much better. The tactile feedback is very good, the 2016 always felt a bit nebulous when raising the cruise speed for example. The new toggles for selecting menu options are great; one control so you can go or down in the menu then push it to select. One control where three buttons were needed before. 


That with the "glass panel" display make changing settings and getting info leess cumbersome than before, and the information is well presented. The configuration options for the instrument display are limited, but the display itself is good.


I like being able to query Siri from the steering wheel, a nice feature.


The 8 speed transmission is very smooth, the RPM at cruising is a bit lower, and while it's too early tell definitively it appears that I'll get a 1 or 2 MPG improvement over the 2016.


My 2016 had the 19 speaker Revel Ultimate while the Nautilus has the 13 speaker. The 19 speaker was truly awesome, but the 13 is no slouch and is perfectly serviceable, IMHO, and I'm a bit of an audio nut. It may just be the atmospherics for the last few days, but I'm in a fringe FM reception area and the Nautilus is doing much better and pulling in stations. Perhaps they improved the antenna?


All in all the new Nautilus is making me a happy camper.

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#8016 Lincoln isn't alone when it comes to having issues

Posted by Timmer on 08 December 2016 - 01:39 PM

I'm a little over three months and 3,000 miles into my special order August '16 build MKX.


Delivery day! 


2016 MKX First Pic


Thus far my Lincoln had been just about perfect. I've not had the serious problems or quality concerns others have posted about.


And thus far, I'm very happy with my dealer, (Apple Valley Ford/Lincoln. Apple Valley, Minnesota) but I've yet to have to put them to the test of resolving a serious problem.


Prior to my MKX, I owned a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer which was built at the now closed Ford St. Louis, Missouri plant.


At 186,000 miles and 18 model years later, I traded my beloved Explorer in for the MKX.


In 18 years, the most significant repairs my Explorer needed were replacing outer tie rod ends, two brake jobs, and of course, several sets of new tires.


Final Explorer pic - Saying goodbye to a great car!


98 Ford Explorer
So I guess I've been very, very lucky with my Ford and now Lincoln vehicles.  
I'm a firm believer in calling a spade a spade.  But I think it is only fair to also point out the good as well.
In my case, (knock on wood) thus far with Ford and Lincoln it's all been good!.

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#7848 New Warning To All Ford Ecoboost Owners!

Posted by Cosmos36 on 30 November 2016 - 11:22 PM

Southerngravy...I am respectfully responding to your post only in an attempt to inform readers, not berate any. However, your post can confuse an issue with a great deal of apples & oranges.


First, the issue of coking of the intake valves of direct injection engines has nothing to do with CGI engine block materials or even whether those engines are turbo equipped or not. Direct injection induction systems feed fuel directly inside the combustion chamber thereby eliminating the intake fuel wash containing detergents that helps prevent intake valve stem coking. Again, whether the engine is turbo equipped has nothing to do with the valve coking issue which is strictly related to injector location, i.e. port injection vis-a-vis combustion chamber (direct) injection.


Second, the 2.7 gasoline  turbo direct injection engine (aka GTDI, or GDI without turbo) is not a DUAL injection engine. It is a direct injection engine (GDI) with ALL of the fuel injectors located within the combustion chambers, not a DUAL injection engine such as Ford's new 3.5 Ecoboost with 2 injectors per cylinder, one inside the combustion chamber (direct) and one in the intake manifold (port) just upstream of the intake valve outside of each combustion chamber.


Third, turbo engines derive their 'V8-equivalent power' from forced induction of the fuel-air mixture at high combustion pressures. Thus, a small displacement turbo engine uses an amount of fuel somewhat equivalent to the fuel required for a larger displacement engine to produce equivalent power. There's no free lunch in thermal dynamics.

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#5992 White Platinum Met Tri-Coat Quality Control Issues Front/Rear Bumpers?

Posted by akirby on 26 August 2016 - 10:11 AM

Click on your name in the upper right, then ignore prefs.  You can ignore posts from specific individuals.

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#13806 The New Ride: 2018 Black Label 2.7TT

Posted by Timmer on 11 June 2018 - 07:59 PM

Timmer, if you get a chance I'd love to hear you thoughts on interior materials in the BL vs Reserve. How big a difference is there?


I honestly have no idea what the answer to that question is as I've not spent anytime in a BL. 


Timmer...in your reply to walkabout, would you please also address a question that's long been on my mind. Some MKX reviewers have commented negatively on the presence of interior plastics, especially with regard to the center stack/console, door armrests controls, lower door area, incomplete coverage of the forward/upper dash, etc. Yes, there are plastic surfaces here & there, but compared to the abundance of soft surfaces covering much of the interior, I don't have an issue. Perhaps, I've never concentrated on the competition's interiors or maybe because of the all-ebony & occasional metal trim interior (I opted for brushed nickel instead of wood), the plastic areas just don't stand out in my black monotone setting.


Q. Do the BL interiors provide more soft material coverage than you experienced in your previous MKX?


Walkabout and Cosmos - As you know, I had a fully-loaded 2016 Reserve and now have a fully-loaded 2018 Black Label.  In reply to Walkabout, IMO not a "huge" difference in interiors. But with that said, both my Reserve and Black Label interiors were, and are outstanding.


The Black Label interior is certainly more plush, with refinements in the various knobs, dash and brushed metal trim around speakers, etc.  The seats and leather are richer looking, with a pattern design in the Black Label leather my reserve didn't have.  Whatever "plastic" there is, such as the bezels around controls and instrument cluster, blends in nicely with the interior as I've described.  Unlike what a few others have experienced, I've has no issues in either vehicle with fit & finish.


Both my MKX vehicles have 22-way heated/cooled massaging seats.  I love the seat's massage feature and use it frequently, especially on cross-country and shorter road trips.


The MKX passenger compartment was whisper-quiet in my Reserve.  I have no formal measurements to back this up, but I would swear the Black Label interior is even quieter.  Both road and engine noise seem less present and more muted in the Black Label.


I think that answers the questions you've both asked.


I've also changed motors from the 3.7L Duratec in the Reserve to the 2.7LTT in the Black Label.  The difference in acceleration is noteworthy.  The best I can describe it is the 2.7LTT in "D" performs like the 3.7L in "S."  Thus far I've not noticed any "turbo lag" that was present in other late 80's and mid-90's turbocharged cars I've owned.


I'll add that IMO, the 3.7L is one heck of an engine.  After 30,000 miles I had not so much as a hiccup with my 3.7L Reserve's performance.


In sum, I couldn't be any more pleased with Lincoln or the MKX. As such, I bought another one...



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#8139 Glove-box Black material

Posted by walkabout on 14 December 2016 - 02:41 PM

Everything on the lower shelf of my frig has black fuzz on it too.  

That may be an entirely different issue though. 

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#8035 Using FORScan to 'tweak' the X

Posted by Adam on 09 December 2016 - 10:37 AM



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#7888 Standard Sound System

Posted by shoeguy on 04 December 2016 - 09:39 AM

Finally . A sound system more less worthy of a Lincoln. My dealer after hounding them for 6 months about the sound system finally sent a request to Lincoln to verify the sound system quality or lack thereof.  An engineer or someone from Lincoln in Oakville came and heard the system and said yup, bad head unit and amplifier. I was given an option of replacing with one that works, or having them replace at a charge for the Revel 13 speaker system. As I am not an audiophile and simply wanted a descent  and proper sounding system had them re do the basic factory system. HUGE DIFFERENCE, the system now sounds like a proper in car system with separation of sound and sound quality. Not the quality my Bose system in my SRX was , but at least close.  I am a happy camper.

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#7719 Banned?

Posted by akirby on 25 November 2016 - 08:02 PM

For that last time, nobody here has prevented anybody from documenting problems or poor dealer experiences.  I guarantee that.  And we're not going to start.


But what you're doing is coming to this forum and starting arguments and fights with anyone who dares to disagree with you, then you start attacking both me and the regular members.   You're adding nothing constructive to these discussions and you're disrupting so many topics and you don't even own a MKX.  


It's not about whether Lincoln has problems or not it's about your behavior towards other members and the moderator.

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#7693 Lincoln isn't alone when it comes to having issues

Posted by mfam16 on 25 November 2016 - 08:34 AM

Since many posts have been side tracked with concerns and comparisons, I've decided to post links to other brands and their issues from real owners (I hope this isn't a violation of forum policy)
1. Link to Jag F-Pace "Reliability is one...at 700 miles, the coolant reservoir cap malfunctioned, spilling it's contents and almost stranding us on an out-of-town trip. Now, at 1200 miles, there is a creak/knock coming from the rear suspension. A number of other buyers of the early production models have reported the same problem. It seems pervasive enough that it should have been caught during the testing phase of the vehicle. Other disappointments include "freezes" of the InControl system when playing Satellite radio, a gesture control to open the rear hatch that rarely works, finicky key-less locking, a hood/bonnet that flexes during speed. The interior is attractively/contemporary styled but has too much hard plastic in the interior and falls short in fit & finish." http://www.fpaceforu...13650?_k=ul5b2i

2. MB GL class - 2015 GLK350 21k miles, throttle lag/engine hesitation after 5-second WOT on freeway post http://mercedesforum...-freeway-56523/
Another post with concerns of transmissions sounds http://mercedesforum...d-normal-56250/

3. BMW X5 - leather wear with color change on 2016 http://www.bimmerfes...1d18e5&t=953535
Leaky roof issues http://www.bimmerfes...1d18e5&t=953318
Steering issues http://www.bimmerfes...1d18e5&t=952887
& http://www.bimmerfes...1d18e5&t=796229
Interment charging faults http://www.bimmerfes...1d18e5&t=950436

4. Lexus RX350 - vibrations and wind noise http://www.clublexus...-vibration.html
Brake issues http://www.clublexus...ht-problem.html

5. Audi Q7 - pop up screen issues http://www.audiworld...ortion-2909942/
New emission cheat discovered http://www.audiworld...overed-2909139/
Sun roof issues http://www.audiworld...result-2900249/
App shows doors & windows open even though they aren't http://www.audiworld...opened-2909912/
Concerns with gas pedals http://www.audiworld...-heavy-2909947/

So in turn I wanted to help future readers not to get distracted by the issues current Lincoln owners are having. I believe that every manufacturer has issues even though they all make great vehicles.

Some even debate if Lincoln should be considered luxury. That's debatable as the term is loosely used and associated.

One member was upset that they spent more time than they should to get a resolution. So my recommendation is to do your homework first and evaluate first hand on your own. Then either make a purchase or move on to the next brand. Everyone knows time is valuable, but don't waste it on a forum with a brand you had bad experiences with especially when you no longer own the vehicle and already spent hours getting to a resolution.

Hope this helps all current and future buyers feel comfortable with their purchase of whatever vehicle you decide on
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#7032 MKX Reserve AWD - Experiences, Questions, and Issues

Posted by mosh00 on 25 October 2016 - 09:58 AM

Last comment for the day.  I'm really loving the adaptive steering.  At slow speeds, the MKX feels so light and nimble and then it really tightens up when crusing at high speeds!


Also find the lane keeping feature to be very handy and not too obtrusive.  Does a very nice job nudging you back into your lane (my opinion anyway).


And then of course it's just gorgeous to look at!!! :)


So far, very happy with the MKX!

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#6645 Seat Comfort

Posted by Cosmos36 on 29 September 2016 - 10:03 PM

While this thread is focused on seat comfort, I'll take the (hijacking) opportunity to comment on 'Lincoln MKX pleasure'. I recently returned from a two week vacation where I rented a Nissan Sentra. Laughable yes, but I often rent vehicles with the purpose of maintaining a perspective of both (1) what's currently in my stable and (2) evaluating the difference between value products and what are marketed as upscale products. Driving one of the former often induces one to greatly appreciate the latter...been doing it for many years.


Skipping all the details the many (Ugh...OMG) Sentra's shortcomings, it is difficult to describe the contrasting pleasurable amenities of the MKX...the sensuous feel of the smooth leather steering wheel, steering response, ride comfort, interior quietness, ergonomics, powerful, commanding 2.7 turbo smoothness, quality touch controls, confidant manners, comfortable premium leather seating, entry/exit ease, engineering features (special mention of Nissan's obsolete 1970s door & trunk hinges) and many other Lincoln accolades. Of course, I recognize the $25,000 premium cost of the MKX, but dollars don't count in a purely salacious comparison.


My purchase of the MKX continues to satisfy.

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#6292 MKX VIN Tracking

Posted by mosh00 on 11 September 2016 - 02:46 PM

Hey everyone,


I'm moving the discussion Adam and I are having in the Apple CarPlay thread to a new tread so that I don't hijack that topic.  My last post in that tread was (in reference to us monitoring our VINs):


The last VIN that has a window sticker is 84543.  This is as of Friday.  One caveat to that number is I am only tracking Reserve MKX's with AWD and the optional 2.7L V6.  I built an application that monitors the URL for pulling up window stickers for all valid VIN's within a specified range.  I've got a spreadsheet of all these VINs and am logging the delivery state/country, price, interior/exterior colors, and all the options they have.  It's been real interesting to watch.  At some point soon I'm going to do some analysis on that data.  Almost every MKX Reserve has the climate package, but since I started tracking (VIN 80000 - 7/27/2016), only a handful have adaptive steering (I ordered adaptive steering).  I'm surprised by how many have the roof rails.  I didn't order those.  Also, I've gotten to the point where I think I can identify the "fleet" MKX's based on the options selected.  I tell you, I have seen some weird option combinations come through.  My plan is to track the VINs to the end of the 2016 run and hopefully will publish the spreadsheet to this forum.  :)


So if you haven't figured it out by now, I work in the IT field as a database administrator and my formal eduction is in accounting.  Very much a numbers/data/stats guy!!! LOL


My follow up comment to the above is:


As I see the numbers increase, I'll post to the forum.  As a rough estimate, it appears that Ford builds just over 1,000 MKX's a week (at least goes through that many VINs).  Since I'm not tracking all model/engine combinations of the MKX, I don't know if every VIN is actually turned into a vehicle.  I have seen some of the Reserve VINs disappear.  Not sure exactly way that happens. 


From what I can tell is that once a window sticker is created it's about a week before the MKX is actually built.  I may be wrong on that, so if someone else has more accurate info, please correct me.


Ultimately, I think I'm still on target for my MKX to be built on the 22nd.


Also, from my research and watching the recent VINs all the L8xxxx are for MKX's only.  The other Lincoln models from 2016 seem to use different ranges.  I know that Lincoln is assigned J00001 thru L99999.  Then of course all the other character's of the VIN have meanings.


Here's what I've determined and use in in VIN creation logic:


Position Description                                                                      Position      Value           Value Description

World Manufacturer Identifier                                                          1 - 3            2LM            2LM = Ford Canada - Lincoln - Multipurpose Passenger

Vehicle Restraint System Type, Brake Type, and GVWR Class           4            T                 P = With Inflatable Rear Seatbelt / T = Without 

Model                                                                                                   5            J                 J = MKX

Drive Train                                                                                            6            8                 8 = AWD / 6 = FWD

Trim Level                                                                                             7            L                 L = Reserve / K = Select / J = Premiere

Engine Type                                                                                          8            P                R = 3.7 V6 / P = 2.7 TTV6

Check Digit                                                                                           9                              Check Sum

Model Year                                                                                          10           G                G = 2016

Assembly Plant                                                                                   11           B                 B = Oakville Ontario

Production Sequence Number                                                    12 - 17           L85000      J00001 thru L99999 - Lincoln Vehicles

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#6137 How poorly painted is your black roof

Posted by rst08tierney on 01 September 2016 - 12:06 PM

SUCCESS!!!  :happy feet: 


Received the official call from Lincoln. 


They have agreed to take the vehicle back. 


I should receive full details with in the next 3 day.


Very relieved im not stuck. Looking forward to the upcoming weekend. The anchor since May 28th has finally been removed.

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#5994 White Platinum Met Tri-Coat Quality Control Issues Front/Rear Bumpers?

Posted by akirby on 26 August 2016 - 10:43 AM

What a great idea! Then I don't have to listen to your comments about my posts.


Or you could just stop injecting your bashing into every single thread.  You don't even own a MKX and you've had ample opportunities to share your bad experience.


Enough is enough.

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#14108 Nautilus vs. XC60 vs. RDX

Posted by Gurgeh on 24 June 2018 - 07:44 AM

This will be a bit long.


I'm not a Lincoln owner, at least not yet, although I've put up a number of posts in these forums in recent weeks. As I've posted elsewhere, my search for a replacement for my 2016 Audi Q5 began with a roadtrip from Maryland to Colorado and back a few months ago. On day two of the trip (6 total days driving) I developed pain in my left hip from the Q5's hard sport seats, pain which now comes back every time I drive for more than half an hour. So while I love almost everything else about the vehicle, I need to get out of these seats.


So my search for a new crossover began with comfortable seats. Based on research, I narrowed it down to the MKX/Nautilus, Mercedes GLC, Volvo XC60 and Acura RDX.


I first eliminated the GLC because the base engine just does not inspire and going with the engine upgrade (to the GLC 43) forces one into high-bolstered sport seats (see: Audi Q5) at an astronomical starting price. 


I waited on road tests until the new RDX was out (it hit dealers in volume June 1) and pricing/configuration information on the refreshed Nautilus became available (which happened June 19). Last week was my first round of drive tests, and thought perhaps some here might find some interest in my impressions.


I first went to a Black Label dealer (bit of a drive but not too far) because I wanted to get a sense of the differences in the interiors between the Reserve and Black Label. I test drove a loaded 2018 MKX BL with the upgraded "Ultra Comfort" seats. While much better than my Q5's sport seats I was surprised that the upgraded seats still gave me some discomfort because of the high seat bolsters. This was a huge disappointment as on paper I was otherwise strongly leaning toward the Lincoln. The driving experience was otherwise fine, but I was probably distracted by trying to figure out if the seat would somehow work for me. I sadly decided it wouldn't.


Next, I drove across the county to a Volvo dealer and tried out the (new for) 2018 XC60. Volvo did some great things in the crossover's redesign. The interior is absolutely stunning (in part because of a feature I don't like, and that is the removal of virtually all physical controls) and the exterior is classy. The seats seemed fairly comfortable and the technology is cutting edge. The car is nimble and the engine strong and surprisingly quiet. But in the end, it has a nervous and unsettling drive, probably due to its new and complex engine that draws power from three different sources (2.0 engine, supercharger and turbocharger) and tries (but ultimately fails) to weave them together into a smooth power curve. I do not trust the reliability of that engine down the line. The vehicle, outfitted the way I would like, would be about the same price as a comparable MKX/Nautilus Reserve. So I eliminated the XC60.


At this point, I was wondering if any of the crossovers I was shopping would do, as I did not have high hopes for the RDX for several reasons (more on that later). But since the Volvo dealership was in an autopark I decided drive over to the Ford/Lincoln dealer and take one more look at the MKX. Waiting for the dealer to come out (since unlike the other locations I hadn't emailed ahead and set up appointments) I sat down in the MKX they had on the showroom floor. Wait a second, sez I, these seats are quite nice! I then realized that I was sitting in the base Reserve seats, not the upgraded "comfort" ones. The side bolsters on these seats are much lower and quite soft. So I went out on another road test with the kid that the sales manager had assigned me (he was with another client). The seats seemed fine and I started paying more attention to the drive of the car. I liked the handling, but the engine was not as strong and responsive as I would have expected. It was solid, mind you, without any of the flightiness of the XC60, but just felt a little, well, ponderous. I know it is a heavier and larger vehicle than the XC60, but it is about the same weight as my Q5.


When we got back the Sales Manager was now available to talk. I mentioned my driving experience and he responded, well, why didn't you drive the 2.7TT? The kid said, "but it *is* the 2.7!" (mind you, this is the same kid who mostly sells Fords and who was under the impression that this was the first year of the Nautilus would be its last because it was being replaced by the Aviator). "Uh, no it isn't," the Sales Manager responded and shooed the kid away. I then went on another test drive with the SM. And oh, what a difference! That twin turbo 2.7 was smooth, powerful, quiet and quickly responsive throughout the power band. I liked it even better than the marvelous 3.0 supercharged V6 in my Q5.


Based on that drive I thought I had pretty much made up my mind, and I sat down with the Manager who pulled up the Nautilus order screen to show me the options. I mentioned my one concern about the Nautilus, which is that the packages seem to require you to get the 21' wheels (which I don't want because of their rougher ride) to get the audio upgrade, something changed from the MKX packages. He looked at his screen and saw a "Luxury Package" (that does not exist yet on the under-construction customer Nautilus build site) with only the audio and headlamp upgrades. "If I go with the Nautilus, that is what I would want," I said. But he then tried to select it and got the message that it also required him to select the $4k "Ultimate Package" that included the wheel upgrades as well. He said that he would call Lincoln and try to get this issue ironed out.


The next day I went to my appointment at the Acura dealership without great expectations but my experience testing the RDX was a bit of a surprise, positive in several respects and negative in one. The RDX wins on handling; the SH-AWD system is simply a wonder. Generally it takes a good while to get comfortable driving a vehicle you've never driven before, but somehow with the RDX I felt almost instantly at ease driving the car. The seats are the best of the three. The unusual infotainment system is, well, unusual, but I think I could get used to it, and at least the car has plenty of physical controls. The technology is advanced, with much of it standard and almost everything else you could possibly want (except folding mirrors, wireless phone charging, and parking assist) through two quite affordable option packages. And this gets to maybe the vehicle's strongest point after its SH-AWD handling: its price point. Its MSRP is easily $10k less than the other two vehicles similarly equipped.
But well, the engine.
The RDX's engine is noticeably weaker than the ones in the Volvo and especially the Lincoln. And I feelt more lag in acceleration as well. It was either initial turbo lag or the 10-speed transmission needing a second at times to figure out the right gear. It is also quite loud, which surprised me because the car's interior is otherwise whisper quiet. It sounds like a 4-banger that is working too hard and being asked to do too much. The RDX would greatly benefit from having an engine upgrade option, but well, it doesn't. The most frustrating thing about the loudness of the engine is that this apparently was an intentional engineering decision by Acura. In Sport (the default mode) and Sport+ the car pipes in extra loud engine noise through the speakers. I guess to make 25-year-old hotshots think they are driving a racer. This is a horrible design decision for a family-oriented luxury SUV unless it can somehow be turned off in the car's settings, and I doubt that it can.
So while still leaning toward the Lincoln, I'm somewhat torn. If the RDX had a stronger and especially quieter engine, I would go with it without a single regret. If the Lincoln had the SH-AWD system, was a little less expensive, and I felt as confident about the long-term comfort of the seats as I do with the RDX, the same.


I sent emails to the Lincoln and Acura sales managers going through pretty much all of the above and requested getting an overnight loaner car to do a more extensive and private test drive (also allowing my ruler of the infotainment system wife to give her opinion). The assigned-kid who took me on my RDX test drive had volunteered this as an option if I was still undecided. I heard back immediately from the Lincoln Sales Manager who said "absolutely." So I'll be trying out the MKX overnight in a few days. I've yet to hear boo from the Acura Sales Manager, so maybe the kid was wrong or maybe the Sales Manager figures since they are already selling every RDX they can get (it being spanking new), why bother jumping through all these hoops just to try to sell one to me?


Anyway, I warned this post would be long, but wanted to share my impressions of these three competing crossovers.

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#13434 30 Highway MPG...Nice...Active Grill Shutters?

Posted by Cosmos36 on 28 May 2018 - 11:11 AM

To active members and veterans, all comrades in arms...THANKS FOR SERVING.

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#12028 The Nautilus Name and changes explained

Posted by Cosmos36 on 26 January 2018 - 01:16 AM

I attended the Portland International Auto Show today and came away with a few impressions and one decision, the latter being that I have lost interest in purchasing a  2019 Nautilus later this year. Other than a different face and an 8-speed transmission, the Nautilus doesn't offer much to make me exit my 2016 MKX which I am extremely satisfied with in most respects. I will wait to see if Lincoln steps up their game in future years.


With respect to the Lincoln display, it was a major disappointment...small, dimly lit, with one attendant, located next to the Subaru showcase. A Nautilus was exhibited with absolutely no signage, no identification, no promotion...people walked past it with no inspection or recognition whatsoever. In fact, the entire Lincoln display was occupied by myself (and spouse) and one other couple examining a current MY MKX. Nobody was even examining the 2018 Navigator. Contrast that dismal interest to hordes/throngs of people milling throughout the adjacent Subaru display (Note: I believe Oregon may be Subaru's largest customer...they have a cultural following here). Perhaps Lincoln's showing is influenced by the fact that there are only two local dealers, one of which doesn't even advertise.


Regarding other participating brands, especially those exhibited in the "Luxury Loft" (BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc.), it was apparent that even Lincoln Black Label models could best be described as 'Value Luxury' offerings, especially lacking the interior amenities/quality/finish of brands with competitive MSRPs. Lincoln can compete on the basis of tech, mechanical, comfort, and appearance features, but their interiors, fit/finish, & QC need improvement to match the competition. I noted that published media floor plans for the auto show indicated that Lincoln would display some models (assumedly Continental & Navigator) in the "Luxury Loft", but they were in fact absent, being consigned to the Lincoln display neighboring the Subarus.


Just another observation or two...the 'Darth Vader/predator' grills of the 2018 Lexus and other similar offerings will cost an absolute fortune to repair in the event of even the slightest mishap on the road or parking lot. Any semblance with those front ends to a functional bumper is in one's imagination. Also regarding Lexus 350RXL, the addition of a 3rd row on an unchanged wheelbase (109.8 inches) creates a cruel design joke. The 3rd row is suitable only for toddlers or a couple of bags of groceries while sacrificing fore/aft leg room for both the 1st & 2nd rows. While crowds at the show were swarming 3-row crossovers/SUVs,

some manufactures appeared to be pushing the envelope with offerings to appease some folks at the expense of 1st row drivers/passengers.


PS-Cadillac, one marque that I particularly wanted to peruse, was conspicuous by their absence...???

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#10174 Lincoln Loaner reviews

Posted by thisguy159 on 27 June 2017 - 08:03 PM

Last week had a 2017 edge....nice car some interesting storage options that could benefit mkx. Interestingly enough back of the front seat cooled better but still not great.

This week have 2017 mkx reserve. Not much changed obviously. Then infotainment system is slightly different. Home screen now shows buttons for heated/cooled seats same goes for the climate screen. There is a digital speedometer now...yay(sarcasm). The vents by the sunglasses holder is slightly different. Sunroof will slightly close when at speed to stop buffeting kinda annoying that it will not stay completely open whats the point. Similar to the way mkz 2016 worked in that matter. Oh and btw cooled seats still work like shit on the back of the front seats.

Finally not sure if just placebo effect but it seems that the trans is TC are tuned slightly differently where it gives more power during turns as opposed to comp throttling back. And finely the vent handles are rubberized now instead of just plastic.

Btw love Waze on AA.

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#10015 Air turbulence

Posted by enigma-2 on 06 June 2017 - 06:54 PM

Display stated "no SD card inserted". Clicked on find my location znd it said something about installing a SD card to use navigation.
Sound was tinny as I stated. Helped when I went to full bass and mid range. Not at all what I expected. I think the reason I commented was I never hear this on my 09, but it was horrible on tbe 16.
As for the BAMR, I did have the windows open. Your right, 1/2 open did fix the problem.

One other disappointment I found while returning the car. The screen seems to be at an angle where the sun floods the display. I was unable to read the display do to the sun washing it out, and fingerprints.

When I turned it in the agent at the service counter asked how I liked it, told him it was fine until I rolled it, pulls to the right now. Wish I had a camera to take a picture of his face. After assuring him that I actually didn't roll ut, he asked if I was returning it with a full tank. Told him I had stopped on the way back and pumped in a gallon and a half of diesel. Another picture moment. And he gurgled. It's the little things ....
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